Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (255): Festus Keyamo Fall Yakata

Festus Keyamo Fall Yakata

Mazi: Egbon, happy holiday o, i hear say today na the day wey dem dey take celebrate Press Freedom for all over the world (cut in…

Egbon: Plus Naija too?

Mazi: Which kind question be that, Naija no dey part of the world again, abi na inside moon we dey?

Egbon: E get reason why i ask that question o, because i no sure say Press people get any freedom for this country

Mazi: The thing no be for some countries, na for all the country wey dey for this world, so Naija must to dey, but why you talk say media no get freedom

Egbon: No be the other day federal government fine Arise Tv, Channels Tv, TVC plus some other radio stations ontop say dem talk true

Mazi: Well, i remember the time when the federal government say make dem pay fine, but that one no mean say freedom no dey now

Egbon: Abeg, con show me where e dey

Mazi: My own opinion na say some of those stations self dey promote the people wey dey call for civil war and war no be moi-moi

War No be Moi-Moi

Egbon: No dey bobo me, everybody wey don mature sabi say war no be moi-moi, you no need remind me

Mazi: So e make sense make dem dey call for war, when dem no say e no be moi-moi ?

Egbon: Nobody dey call for war, because say Biafra plus Yoruba say dem wan commot no mean say dem wan start war, na federal government suppose know how dem go take handle the matter, make e for no loss

Festus Keyamo

Mazi: I hear you, con check as Festus Keyamo take fall Yakata for inside mud

Egbon: Ahhh, where him take fall

Mazi: Naa Eedris Abdulkareem push Festus Keyamo inside the mud o for inside him new song wey him call Jaga Jaga Oti Get E

Egbon: Ohh, this wan full mouth o, so Festus Keyamo dey swim inside mud like this

Greediness Among Nigerian Youths

Mazi: i det tell you, Eedris Talk say Festus Keyamo self don join cabal, so tey him call am Senior Advocate for Nonsese, S.A.N

Egbon: Tor, e don be for Festus Keyamo be that o, you don read the news about that young lady wey dey find job for Akwa Ibom state, wey one criminal con rape and kill am

Mazi: Hmmmm, my brother i read the tory o and the thing touch me no be small, i even read say the guy rape her, con bury her for one small grave like that

Egbon: Kai, imagine the different different bad bad things wey dey happen for this country, i no just understand why some people get wicked mind like that

Mazi: Young girl wey dey try find job, sake of say she no wan dey siddon for house or dey beg people up and down, dem still kill am, this wan pass wickedness o

Egbon: My brother, i sure say na greed make that guy do that kind thing, dem wan buy latest phon, car plus clothes, dem go con dey run pass their shadow

Mazi: This kind news dey weak person system o, dem just waste that young girl life like that ontop nothing

Egbon: If you even see the guy wey do the thing, you no fit suspect am say him get that kind mind

Father Brutalises His Son In Delta

Mazi: Hmmm, for my side everybody na suspect o, because e dey hard to trust people these days o, con check the thing wey this man do him own pikin

Egbon: Shuu, na wetin him take burn the boy like this?

Pidgin News (255): Festus Keyamo Fall Yakata 1
Man brutalises son in Delta State.

Mazi: Dem say na hot knife plus cutlass him take wunjure the boy o and dem say the man name na wisdom

Egbon: This one no get wisdom, if him get wisdom and con get good heart, him no go do this kind thing

Mazi: I no just understand why people get bad mind like this, imagine, him own pikin o, see as him do the boy

Egbon: Imagine, if him fit do this kind thing to him own pikin, wetin him no fit do to another man pikin, this wickedness no be here at all

Mazi: Even if na another person pikin, him no suppose do this kind thing, make i con dey go, we go see later

Egbon: Oyaa now, take care

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