Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (245): New Wahala For Isa Pantami

Mazi: Wait fess, i bin think say Naija people don commot hand for this Isa Pantami matter as him don explain himself that time

Egbon: Dem never commot hand o and even people still dey chuk mouth put for the matter as e be say no be something wey we suppose take joke at all

Mazi: I even read say one group don send petition letter to US government say dem wan make dem torchlight the man matter

Egbon: E make sense like that, i take my eyes plus ear carry the things wey the Minister talk long time ago

Mazi: Me i never hear that one o, abeg, na wetin him talk?

Wahala For Isa Pantami

Egbon: Inside the video wey dey circulate ontop social media, him talk say him like that terrorist group, Taliban plus Al-Qaeda, but say him no like Boko Haram

Mazi: You sure say dem never chuk hand put for that video, make e no be say na another person talk that thing wey dem con put Isa Pantami picture o

Egbon: I no beleive say anybody doctor that video wey i take my eyes watch o, i dey suspect that man, the thing wey con pain me pass na say, na him dey in charge of all the information of people wey dey link their SIM Cards with NIN

FG Lifts Ban on Sales Of New Sim Cards

Mazi: Ah, this Egbon self, your matter tire person o, how the allegation wey dey ontop Isa Pantami take relate to NIN plus SIM cards o?

New Wahala For Isa Pantami
Petition Letter against Isa Pantami

Egbon: Hmmm, this wan wey you dey talk like say you no sabi wetin the thing mean

Mazi: Na you dey read meaning to the thing, me i no see any link between Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, Sim cards plus NIN o

Egbon: You no know say e possible make dem use that information wey people dey submit for NIN take do bad something

Mazi: Abeg, make we commot mouth for that talk, my hand no dey, i hear say federal government don talk say people fit dey buy new Sim cards now, na true?

Egbon: I never see the news o

Mazi: Con check am now, dem say starting from Monday, April 19, people go fit dey buy new sim cards

Egbon: Oh, wetin con be the meaning of the NIN wahala wey dem put ontop people head?

Mazi: Say dem talk say people fit buy new sim cards no mean say dem no go need do NIN o

Egbon: Tor, is ok o, make dem dey do as dem like, i even get one update ontop Tinubu o, because the last time, na you dey call me Tinubu defeder

Tinubu Denies Jagaban Rice

Mazi: So, you don get another point wey you wan take defend am?

Egbon: No be point, na clarification dem dey call am, shebi i tell you that time say e possible make Tinubu no get bad mind ontop that Jagaban Rice

Mazi: Him don call you for meeting explain wetin dey behind the rice?

Egbon: Him no call me for meeting kankan, con check news wey talk say Tinubu say no be him share the rice, but say him thank the people wey share am, make people fit see something chop for Ramadan

Mazi: Na only God no go allow make people chop their future finish for the country, chop chop everytime, maka why

Egbon: My own point be say no be Tinubu share Jagaban Rice

Actress Bags 3 Months Jail Term

Pidgin News (245): New Wahala For Isa Pantami 1
Ghanian actress and son.

Mazi: We go gather see how this film go end, you even remember that actress wey commot her clothe snap picture with her 7 year old son con post am ontop Instagram that time?

Egbon: No be that Ghanian actress?

Mazi: Na she, court don talk say make she go spend 3 months for prison, say the thing wey him do no dey proper

Egbon: That Judge get mercy for heart o, if na me ehn, she suppose spend like 3 years, make she fit learn her lesson well

Mazi: She fit learn lesson for three months too, wetin matter pass na say the court no free her

Egbon: I no understand why some ladies no dey use common sense again, sake of say dem wan popular ontop social media, harant nonsense, i don dey go jare

Mazi: No vex too much, we go talk later

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