Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (228): Danger For Southern Nigeria

Southern Nigeria

Egbon: Na make Baba God save common man for this Naija o, this News wey i dey read dey give me headache o

Mazi: Shuu, na by force to read News wey dey give you headache, wait self, na wetin dey inside the news wey reach to dey cause headache?

Egbon: Hmm, my brother, e reach and e even pass self, no be American government dey talk say e possible make bad something happen for Southern Nigeria

Southern Nigeria

Mazi: Bad something for Southern Nigeria kwa, abeg make me self check wetin dey inside the tory

Egbon: Con check am o, dem say ISIS plus Al-Qeada people bin dey plan to enter Southern Nigeria, na him dey give me headache so o

Mazi: That one serious o, i still dey say make i show you this tory wey i dey read o before you show me this Southern Nigeria own o

Fulani Nationality Movement Threatens Southern Governors

Egbon: This Naija matter don dey pass becareful o, abeg, wetin dey inside the tory self

Mazi: Dem talk say one group wey dem call Fulani Nationality Movement talk say na dem  arrange the attack wey happen to Benue state Governor, Samuel Ortom

Egbon: Hmmm, and you one tell me say this country matter never reach the stage where we suppose dey suspect this Buhari government like this

Mazi: E never finish for the tory o, the group even talk say na God save Ortom o, say dem bin plan to kill am, con add say as him escape that one, say dem go still set another trap give am

Egbon: And if i talk now, one Minister go talk say na Hate Speech, imagine the kind mind wey that group get

Mazi: The group even talk say dem go Pai any Southwest governor wey no gree support say make dem start RUGA wey go allow make dem cows dey ok

Egbon: You see ehn, i don talk am before before say e look like say Cow life don matter pass human life for this country, imagine the kind dust wey this group dey talk

Mazi: I wan assume say na Joke the group dey joke (cut in

Egbon: Which kind joke be that, you never hear say some Fulani people go attack the place where Igboho mother dey live

Mazi: Ehn ehn, i never hear am o, i hope say dem no Pai anybody

Egbon: Dem no pai anybody, police even arrest one of the suspect but las las, dem go free am

Rumour Over COVID-19 Vaccines

Mazi: I believe say police people go do wetin dem suppose do, my own be say make this small small things no go lead to yam pepper scatter scatter for Naija o

Egbon: i don talk am say na Baba God go fit help common man o as government no gree take action like this

Mazi: Make God help us o, wetin be the latest ontop this COVID-19 Vaccine something self

Egbon: The latest wey i hear na say dem don carry the Vaccine go diffrent states, na only Kogi governor talk say him no wan make the thing condemn him people leg and hand

Mazi: Shuu, how that one take relate now

Egbon: Another thing wey i hear na say one government agency talk say COVID-19 vaccines no get microchips, implants or tracking devices say na normal salts and plus sugar dey inside the Vaccine

Mazi: People too like to dey carry rumour wey no get head, which one be microships, na everything Naija people dey suspect

Egbon: Before nko, e no reach make dem suspect as government no gree waka straight nko

Adekunle Gold in Cheating Scandal

Pidgin News (228): Danger For Southern Nigeria
Adekunle Gold and Simi

Mazi:  But no be Naija government do the vaccine now, anyways, make everybody do the thing wey no go make the virus spread

Egbon: Tor, i go dey do my own for my little corner, wait o, this thing fit be true?

Mazi: Wetin be that?

Egbon: I hear say Adekunle Gold bin dey 2face

Mazi: him bin wan sing with 2 face?

Egbon: No be that one jare, e mean say him dey cheat ontop him wife, na one blogger carry the gist

Mazi: Oh, na wetin you mean be that, as for me o, i no dey follow dem say dem say, anybody fit post anything ontop social media

Egbon: Na true sha, i too like the guy plus him wife, make devil no reason their matter o, make i con dey go

Mazi: Later now

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