Fani Kayode Links Fulani Nationality Movement To ISIS

A former Minister of Aviation, Fani Kayode, has reacted to claims by the Fulani Nationality Movement, who claimed responsibility for the attack on Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state.

The Ex-Minister described the group as a foreign-based, foreign-sponsored and foreign-manned counter-intelligence operation whose sole purpose is to destabilise and destroy Nigeria.

He opined that the group is affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, ISIS West Africa, adding that the group often share intelligence and collaborate with ISIS in joint operations.

Fani Kayode further stated that the group does not represent the Fulani of Nigeria but only the foreign Fulani terrorists and their international backers to cause a civil war.

According to him, attempting to assassinate a sitting Governor by this terrorist organisation takes this whole thing to a different dimension.

Fulani Nationality Movement

Fani Kayode stressed that Governor Ortom must be fully protected, and the federal government must declare the group as a terrorist organisation and eliminate all its members.

Fani Kayode Links Fulani Nationality Movement To Isis
Fulani Nationality Movement claimed responsibility for attempted attack on Governor Ortom. had reported that the Fulani National Movement said it plotted the attack to kill Ortom for using his resources to destruct the Fulani inheritance.

In a statement signed by Umar Shehu, the group noted that it only had a slight setback in executing the assassination.

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