Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (225): Secret Between Buhari And Niger Republic

Between Buhari And Niger Republic

Egbon: E get something wey never clear ontop how this Buhari government dey gum body with Niger republic o

Mazi: Why you talk so, because me bin think say no be bad thing if Nigeria get better relationship with other country

Egbon: You never get wetin i dey try talk, how Buhari government go look look talk say na Niger President name dem wan take tag expressway for Abuja

Mazi: Shuu, i never hear that one o, where you see that tory, you sure say that news no be original fake like this

Egbon: Con take your eyes check am now, no be the tory be this

Between Buhari And Niger Republic

Secret Between Buhari And Niger Republic
President Muhammadu Buhari and President of Niger Republic, Mahamadou Issoufou.

Mazi: Ehn ehn, but still yet, me bin think say no be bad something o

Egbon: E never finish o, dem even carry the Award wey high pass for Niger Republic give Buhari, dem call the award Grand Croix Des Ordre National Du Niger

Mazi: No allow make your teeths commot o, i get wetin you dey try talk but, we no suppose dey suspect everythging wey government dey do

Hijab Cause Kasala For Kwara

Egbon: I sha don talk my own, no be say i dey suspect government, i just dey wonder if any secret dey between Buhari and Niger Republic

Mazi: Me no believe say secret dey between Buhari and Niger Republic o, come see this tory o, dem say Hijab cause kasala for Kwara state

Egbon: I no even know wetin dey worry many people for this country, ontop the plenty thing wey dey ground, na Hijab dem dey cause kasala

Mazi: Me self wonder o, i no expect say religion suppose cause fight, but the tory talk say Christian and Muslim dey fight each other

Egbon: But, wait fess, make we check the thing wey cause this fight because i hear say government close some schools, con later open am

Mazi: According to the tory o, dem talk say Christian schools no wan make students wear Hijab enter their school

Ondo Gets First Female SSG

Egbon: Na this kind thing happen for Osun state that year o, wey even cause big palava for the state, i no just no why people no fit live in peace

Mazi: The Governor for that state suppose do something quick quick o, make water no go pass Garri for that side 

Egbon: E go be, Mazi, my belle just dey sweet me anytime i see say Nigerian women dey do better something, dey get big big post

Mazi: Me self like that kind news o, e show say women self no siddon look, no be Okonjo Iweala matter you dey try talk so

Egbon: No be Iweala o, na the woman wey dem just appoint as the Secretary to the Government for Ondo state and na she be the first woman wey go dey that post

Mazi: Ehn ehn, that one make sense o, that time na Iweala carry Naija name do better, now, another woman dey do better for Ondo

Egbon: My brother, na better something o and no be only for Ondo o, plenty other women self dey do well

Mazi: Oiin, women are doing well, make me self do like Macaroni

Female Warder And Inmate Engage in Sexual Intimacy

Egbon: They are doing well true true, but some women no try at all, see this woman now o, dem say na prison warder she be, she go dey do plo plo with man wey dey prison

Mazi: Shuu, where that one happen?

Egbon: Naa South Africa e take happen o for one prison wey dem call KwaZulu-Natal

Pidgin News (225): Secret Between Buhari And Niger Republic 1
South African prison warder had sex with inmate.

Mazi: This wan full mouth remain o, e be like say dem no know say camera dey watch dem

Egbon: True true, Konji na bastard, the two of dem no fit hold body again

Mazi: That kind behaviour no be Konji, e show say dem no get shame, make i con dey move, we go talk later

Egbon: Laugh, my brother Konji bad pass how you take look am o, but still on still i believe say dem no get discipline, take care

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