Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (220): James Ibori For President

James Ibori For President

Mazi: Na since I don dey see different different tory ontop this James Ibori, how you take see him matter self?

Egbon: Hmm, my brother, that Ibori matter full mouth o, and na another sign say most of the people wey dey rule us no get conscience

Mazi: Nna ehn, that money plenty, no be small o, i hear say federal government talk say dem wan take the money do some road projects

Egbon: Forget that thing, no be so dem talk say dem wan carry Abacha loot do second Niger bridge, Lagos-Ibadan expressway plus Kano-Abuja road, dem still dey talk say dem wan take Ibori loot do the same

Mazi: E possible make that Abacha loot no reach do the project, whether dem wan add Ibori loot to the Abacha loot, make the project fit finish quick quick

Egbon: Forget that thing jare, everything na Lamba (cut in..

Mazi: Na which one be Lamba again?

Egbon: Lamba mean say dem dey try carry us join body jare, small time now dem go post poster talk say James Ibori for president 

James Ibori For President

Mazi: Laugh, Egbon, dey try cool your temper small small now, how Ibori wan take be President?

Egbon: Forget that thing jare, anything goes for this Naija wey we dey o, no be the other time we hear say Orji Uzor Kalu wan go for Presido

Mazi: I hear that one, but, this Ibori own na No No, e no dey possible

Egbon: For anybody wey get ego, kudi for this country, anything dey very possible o, make we forget that side jare, abeg open next page, make we check

Ultimatum For Bandits

Mazi: I sha know say James Ibori no fit become Presido for this country, people plenty wey wan do President

Egbon: Make we dey wait and see now, even if him no be Presido, him fit take money sponsor anybody wey wan do, e be like say Bubu don wake up o

Mazi: Him be dey sleep before?

Egbon: You no know, no be since i don dey talk am say Bubu no gree talk, but thank Baba God, him don talk something now

Mazi: Wetin him con talk?

Egbon: Him talk say him government give bandits 2 months Ultimatum make dem born again, say anyone wey no gree change go take nose carry pepper

Mazi: That one make sense o, at least, make all these killings plus kidnapping fit end 

UNILORIN No Dey Take Nonsense

Egbon: Forget that thing jare, na today, i say na action fit stop all these jagnajantis, no be to siddon for Presidential Villa, con dey give order

 James Ibori For President

Mazi: No be you talk say him no dey talk, him talk again now, the thing never still do you, wait o, this UNILORIN school no dey take nonsense o

Egbon: Ah, you just dey know, dem no dey allow make dem students dey do anyhow o

Mazi: Na the same thing i dey see here o, dem say one girl put ring for nose, con do her hair one kind, the security people for the school change am for her o

Egbon: E make sense like that now, she no fit talk say she no sabi the rules wey dey the school now

Mazi: Come see as she take go school plus how she later look after dem don change am for her

Egbon: Ehn ehn, this wan serious o, but las las, i no blame the security people for the school, sake of say, no be today dem don get that kind rule

Pidgin News (220): James Ibori For President 1

NLC, TUC Stage Nationwide Protests

Mazi: No be lie, na only where rule no dey sin no fit show, if rule don dey, anybody wey break am suppose know say na sin be that 

Egbon: Confirm, i even see for inside Newspaper where NLC and TUC people dey protest ontop minimum wage palava

Mazi: No mind those people, na only the thing wey concern dem dem dey carry for head, dem no go chuk mouth for something wey concern everybody

Egbon: Na today you just dey notice that one, since wey Oshiomole don commot as the Oga for NLC, the union no too get mouth like that

Mazi: Dem oga dem go dey do like politicians

Egbon: No be only for NLC and TUC e dey happen, even ASUU, SSANU, NASU oga dem no dey gree talk matter as dem suppose talk am, if dem announce strike now, before you open eye, dem don call am off be that

Mazi: and dem no fit call am off if no be say matter don reach the stage where the thing go favour some of dem, (Hiss, forget that level, i wan dey move

Egbon: No wahala jor, one day one day, the country go dey ok, take care

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