Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (212): New COVID-19 Enter Naija

Mazi: Nna ehn, this COVID-19 something don dey get as e be o, na true say new COVID-19 don enter Nigeria?

Egbon: Na so me self hear am o, i hear say NCDC Oga talk say the name of the new COVID-19 virus na B.1.2.5

Mazi: Ah, which wan be B.1 again, the normal one wey we dey fight self we never win am

Egbon: See ehn, me i don dey suspect this NCDC people o, e be like say dem dey try play us o, abi which wan be B.1.2

New COVID-19

Mazi: Taa, I no believe say NCDC dey play people, if you check am well, you go see say no be only Naija get new COVID-19 virus

Egbon: But those people dey try make sure say dem get vaccine wey dem go fit use fight the virus, why we never get vaccine?

FG Issues Warning Over Fake COVID-19 Vaccines

Mazi: I bin dey think say na January ending the vaccine wan enter naija o, but now i no sure if e go enter anytime soon

Egbon: You see, na why i dey talk say this government no dey talk true be that, and that time dem dey mention plenty billions wey dem wan take buy the vaccine

Mazi: My own na say make government do quick quick, make the vaccine enter because i don dey hear say fake vaccine don dey Naija

Egbon: No be today now, i bin think say NAFDAC don talk before before say fake vaccine dey, dem don see another one?

New Covid-19 Enter Naija
NCDC Boss, Chikwe Ihekwazu Alerts Nigerians about New COVID-19 variant in Nigeria.

Mazi: This time na federal government dey ring bell say make Naija people no go buy fake COVID-19 vaccine o

Again, Sheik Gumi Defends Bandits

Egbon: Las las, the best thing na sake make people dey careful, but wait o, you don hear anything ontop this Kagara abduction?

Mazi: The las thing wey i hear na say Niger state government still dey negotiate how dem go take collect the students back

Egbon: Hmmmm, this negotiation thing get as e be o, the thing wey still dey give me concern na this Sheik Gumi

Mazi: Why him matter dey give you concern, i bin think say him dey try talk to the bandits

Egbon: This wan don dey pass as e suppose be o, this wan wey him dey talk like say naa him be the talk talk person for bandits

Mazi: My own na say make the bandits free the people wey dem kidnap

Egbon: No be that one alone, because if dem free dem now, e possible say the bandits go still carry another people, Gumi even dey talk say bandits na peaceful people

Mazi: Na that one i no con understand again o, Egbon, come o, i hear something o

Davido Gets New Baby Mama

Egbon: Abeg gist me make i hear o

Mazi: I hear say Davido don get another baby mama, dem don reach 4 like that

Egbon: Shuuuu, another baby mama kwa, this Davido no get chill o, but that time him talk say make water carry him go if him leave Chioma

Mazi: Forget that thing, na Lori Ilo

Egbon: Ilo kor, Alo ni, na lori iro dem dey call am

Elon Musk Loses $15 Billion

Mazi: Anyhow, you sha get wetin i dey talk, na as Davido dey get baby mama, na so i see say Elon Musk loose $15 billion over the Bitcoin business wey him do

Egbon: Ahhh, that one too much o, shuuu, $15 billion, na so business dey be?

Mazi: Na so we see am o, sometimes Businessman go make plenty money, sometimes e go loss, but if he no give up, him go smile las las, make i con dey go, we go talk later

Egbon: Hmmmm, i don dey learn Business matter from the Businessman we sabi, take care

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