Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (210): ALERT !!!: Ebola In Nigeria

Ebola In Nigeria

Mazi: I no even understand all these things wey dey happen, e con dey look like say the world wan end

Egbon: My brother, na serious something o, to even see better news wey fit give belle ginger con dey scarce

Mazi: Con check this tory wey i see o, we still dey pray make Baba God help us carry COVID-19 commot, NCDC dey talk Ebola again

Egbon: Ebola ke, make dem no play rough play o, this wan wey we dey battle we never finish am, but wetin the NCDC talk gangan

Ebola In Nigeria

Mazi: Dem talk say Naija fit see another Ebola virus sake of say the country dey close to Guinea where the virus dey

Egbon: Ehn ehn, this matter full mouth o, make dem do something o, make we no con dey face double wahala 

Mazi: The agency talk say dem dey try arrange preparation wey no go make water pass Garri

Na Who Be Bandit?

Egbon: E better like that o, con look this tory where one Governor talk say bandits need better treatment

Mazi: Better treatment how, i no understand, wetin that one mean

Egbon: Na the same way wey you no understand the thing, me self dey confuse, maybe, government suppose buy clothe plus food give dem

Mazi: Hmmmm, na wa o, better treatment, shey na like this other countries dey take fight bandits

Egbon: E shock me too o, i even see one video where this Sheik Gumi dey reason the bandits wey carry those students for Kagara

Mazi: No be that time him talk say some Naija soldier oga dey see something chop ontop the insurgency wey dey the country

Egbon: Na him gangan, after that time, e con talk say the bandits dey vex sake of say government no give dem school, hospital, water plus other thing

Mazi: Kai, na who con be bandits like this, if na like this government wan dey play the game, the thing no fit finish quick o

Egbon: Na the thing wey Naija people dey talk be that o, say government no suppose dey siddon talk with bandit

Yahoo-Yahoo Academy

Ebola In Nigeria

Mazi: This matter need make government look am well o, na yesterday i dey read am for paper say soldier carry helicopter go Orlu

Egbon: Me self see the tory o, where dem talk say dem carry helicopter go the place sake of this Eastern Security Network 

Mazi: Imagine o, Eastern Security wey no kill anybody and dem go dey siddon talk to bandits, maka why?

Egbon: I no say true no fit dey inside pit forever, one dey the true go come outside con show him face

Mazi: Gbam, wait o, i no even no say Yahoo-Yahoo Academy dey o

Egbon: Laugh, i no tell you that dey wey some yahoo boys protest for Osun say dem go still get Association

Mazi: Dem don get Academy now o, na small small dem wan dey do the thing, maybe dem go later get presido

Egbon: But, make i ask you o, where you see the Academy?

Mazi: Na inside news i see am o, say EFCC go arrest some young young people wey dey learn for the Academy for Abuja

Egbon: Imagine where Naija dey go, Yahoo-Yahoo Academy, so, dem go dey train all these young young people the wey dem go take dey do 419

Zlatan Completes NYSC

Mazi: True true, government suppose do something quick quick

Egbon: Shebi i don dey talk am since, con see this guy wey dey sing, i hear say him don finish him NYSC

Mazi: Ah ah, no be Zlatan be this?

Egbon: Na him now, him say him don finish him NYSC

Mazi: Nothing wey musa no go see for get, make i con dey move o before i see another wan

Egbon: We go talk later now

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