Survey Shows Some Girls Prefer ‘Yahoo Boys’ to 9-5 Workers

A survey that trended on social media revealed that girls prefer Scammers, popularly known as ‘Yahoo Boys,’ to someone working from 9-5 to make ends meet.

A team of skit makers randomly conducted an interview online to tell the opinion of some ladies that are in a relationship with either of the two options.

Yahoo Boys

The shocking revelation gathered during their conversations was that most of the ladies spoken to blatantly stated that they prefered scammers because their bills would be taken care of without any complaints.

On the other hand, only a few of them agreed to settle with an honest worker, stating that they neither need to be watching their back nor be scooped up by security operatives.

Some respondents found it hard to believe that even though ritual killings and other fetish ways are deployed by yahooboys to get money, some ladies are still willing to take the risk of dating them because of the luxurious lifestyle involved.

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