Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (176): Major Events In 2020

Major Events In 2020

Egbon: Baba God you too much, I salute you, even I carry plenty Gbosa give you

Mazi: Ahhh, me self carry Big Gbosa give Chineke God o, if we dey thank am from today go reach tomorrow, e no too much o

Egbon: Kooda, e no reach self, this Baba Godey do well no be small, this 2020 rugged no be small and on top as e rugged reach Baba God keep us see the end

Mazi: My brother, no be small something o, naa how many we wan count among the plenty plenty things wey him do for inside our lives

Egbon: Hmmm, but, Mazi, plenty things happen for inside year 2020 o

Mazi: E over plenty self, naa which one you remember, make we yan the major events in 2020

Major Events In 2020

Egbon: No be COVID-19 we take start the year?

Major Events In 2020
Late Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, Abba Kyari

Mazi: No now, naa February COVID-19 enter Naija, so, the virus no dey for January

Egbon: That one naa true o, naa after that man from Obodo Oyinbo enter Lagos we start to dey battle the virus for the country

Mazi: And naa from there, government con later announce Lockdown around March, wey dem con carry PTF put in charge 

Egbon: Confirm, naa inside that Lockdown we dey wey be say so many people con dey do Crime for some state

Mazi: No forget say naa inside that Lockdown we dey when Abba Kyari wey be former Chief of Staff to Bubu get COVID-19 con later Die

Egbon: How I go forget that kind News, I even remember say naa around that time wey him sick dem say make some Chinese Doctors come help Naija fight the virus

Mazi: Wey the Doctor matter wan cause argument that time

Egbon: You get am well, kai, plenty something happen for inside 2020 o, naa later some Big Big Naija people plus company con talk say dem go donate money for Palliative

Mazi: No forget say naa later we con hear say naa COVID-19 Pai that former Oyo State Governor, Ajimobi plus many people

Egbon: I remember that popular Broadcaster for Lagos, Dan Foster death too plus Buruji Kashamu

EndSARS, Lekki Toll Gate Pallava

Uk Lawmakers Propose Sanction Against Buhari
Protesters at Lekki Toll Gate

Mazi: I even remember say naa inside 2020 we hear say some people for NDDC chop plenty money wey dem suppose take do project, wey dem con say make Akpabio plus Pondei con explain how the matter be

Egbon: Laugh…. I no go forget that one lai lai, naa that Pondei own funny me pass, wey him go dey faint when dem dey ask am question

Mazi: Hmmmm, Honourable is ok, is ok, off your mic

Egbon: Naa later Maina con copy the logic wey Pondei use that time after dem go carry am come back from Niger Republic

Mazi: Ahhhh, before that Maina faint, naa EndSARS plus Lekki Tollagate matter full ground that time o

Egbon: That EndSARS protest naa one of the things wey many people no go ever forget for this country and naa later that October 20 Lekki Toll Gate matter con dey ground again

Major Events In 2020

Mazi: Matter too plenty for this 2020, naa this year Fashola find camera for Lekki, dem even do election for US

Egbon: E over plenty self, naa that same year Naija enter another recession o, Naa then dem carry over 300 students for Kankara

Mazi: Egbon…. We no go fit talk this matter finish, make we just thank God, make we con dey pray say make 2021 make sense for us o

Egbon: Amin ooooo, make 2021 sweet well well, make we no see Onion palava again, make we no see Palliative looting too

Mazi: Laugh…. make I con dey go, we go see next year

Egbon: Yes ooo, take care o

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