Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (167): SIM Card Registration Palava

SIM Card Registration Palava

Egbon: Mazi, make i shock you

Mazi: Naa yourself you go shock, you no fit shock me, but make i even hear the thing wey you wan take shock me self, i hope say no be electricity?

Egbon: No be electricity, i just wan make you no say i don decide say i no go complain today and i no even wan do any argument today

Mazi: Ahhhhh, that one naa better something o, true true naa shocker

Egbon: Yes o, make e no be like say naa everyday i go dey talk, but something happen wey no sweet my Belle o, this government no try at all 

Mazi: Egbon…No be now now you talk say you wan shock me, say you no wan complain again, why you con dey talk say government no try again

Egbon: My brother this very one wey i wan talk no be complain, i just wan say wetin dey my mind, no be say i dey complain

Mazi: Nna ehn, naa the same thing, naa Grammar you dey try take cover am up, anyways, make i hear wetin you wan talk o, wetin happen again

SIM Card Registration Palava

Egbon: I see am for News say federal government don talk say make Naija people go do SIM Card registration

Mazi: Ehn, that one make sense now, shebi naa for people wey never do the registration before

Egbon: Rara o, dem talk say the thing naa for everybody and naa 2 weeks dem even give people say make dem go do the registration

Mazi: Odika serious o, how dem want make almost 200 million people for the country do SIM Card registration for 2 weeks, how now

Egbon: Naa as the thing dey wonder you e dey wonder me too o, the Minister for Communication say the registration go start December 16, con say dem go end the thing by December 30

Mazi: This matter tie rapper o

Egbon: No be only rapper o, the matter even wear Buba, koko shoe, con do make up

Aisha Buhari Relocates To Dubai

Mazi: How dem wan make we do am now, 2 weeks go soon reach o

Egbon: Walai, but i con later hear am for another News say Lawmakers don Chuk mouth put for the SIM Card registration matter, dem say make the Minister shift the deadline go February 2021

Mazi: That one go make sense o, because i no know how people wey wan travel for Christmas go fit do the registration o now wey COVID-19 part 2 even dey load

Egbon: Naa that COVID-19 part two gangan be another concern for me o

Mazi: E go be o, con see this tory, dem say Aisha Buhari don relocate go Dubai since September, shey this troy fit be true like this

Egbon: My brother, naa the same way wey you take read am me self read am for inside Newspaper o, imagine the thing wey dey happen for Naija, Bubu go Daura, him wife relocate go Dubai, CJN too don go Dubai for treatment

Mazi: Shey no be say you self dey plan to relocate go Canada like this?

Egbon: Mazi, if i see Chance, naa go i dey like this o, the things wey dey happen for Naija no sweet for ear o

Schools Shut Down In Kaduna, Zamfara, Kano, Others

Mazi: If you run, me self run, other people run too, naa who go remain for the country?

Egbon: Naa who go remain go remain, shey you don hear say dem don close Schools for Zamfara, Kaduna, Kano plus other states

Mazi: Why dem close the school

Egbon: You no say dem kidnap for Katsina, so Zamfara government talk say dem close school sake of say make the thing wey happen for Katsina no happen for Zamfara

Mazi: That one good, shey naa why other states close be that?

Egbon: Other states talk say dem no wan make COVID-19 spread for dem schools

Mazi: Ok o

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