Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (159): Court Remands Maina In Kuje Prison

Court Remands Maina In Kuje Prison

Egbon: Mazi, shey you don hear the brand new news ontop Maina case, shey you don hear the latest?

Mazi: You sha like to dey show yourself, dey do like say naa you current pass, me self dey current o, i don hear the latest ontop him case and the latest naa say dem don bring am back to Nigeria

Egbon: Laugh….. Oga naa master, if i tell you say i current pass you, no dey doubt am, that wan wey you talk no be the latest, fresh news don show

Mazi: Ohhh, naa the last thing wey i hear ontop him matter i tell you so, if you get another one, drop am make i hear

Egbon: The latest naa say Court don give order say make dem go put Maina for inside Kuje prison

Mazi: So fast, no be yesterday dem carry am come back from Niger Republic, now now, dem don carry am go prison, naa how many years dem say him go spend inside the prison like this?

Egbon: Dem never give the final judgment, that one naa just say make dem keep am inside prison till December 8, webi the time wey court go finish work ontop him matter

Court Remands Maina In Kuje Prison

Mazi: Ehn ehn, i think say court don give am like 50 years or life imprisonment o

Egbon: Like seriously, these people wicked no be small, dem go just pack plenty money wey suppose go round, con dey make people hungry

Mazi: Make government no waste time at all, make dem dey catch dem one by one, dey send dem go prison

Will There Be Another #EndSARS protest?

Egbon: Naso o, because if no be wickedness, i no understand why one person go carry money wey suppose be for millions of people

Mazi: I hope so o, wait self, i even hear when some people dey talk say e possible make another EndSARS protest show face, shey naa true?

Egbon: Naa ontop Twitter i see say the thing dey trend and wetin i hear naa say Nigeria Police Force go court say make dem no allow that judicial panel wey dey torchlight dem matter

Mazi: Ah, that one serious o, why dem go say make dem no torchlight dem matter, no be why dem set up the panel be that, abi dem get skeleton inside dem cupboard

Egbon: I no get the answer to these your plenty question like this o, but i don later read am for news where the IGP talk say dem don dey investigate the matter

Mazi: Better for them o, cuz i know even understand why dem go carry that kind matter go court if no be say dem dey fear something

60 Million Naira For Slain Police Officers In Lagos

Egbon: Nothing dey even surprise me again, naa different different tory wey no follow i dey hear for inside news these days

Mazi: Naa wa o, shey naa true say Sanwo-Olu don give 60 million naira compensation to family of 6 police people wey dem kill for the lagos state

Egbon: Naso me self hear am o, i even read say the state government go give scholarship to the children of the police people wey dem kill during the EndSARS protest for lagos

Mazi: That one make sense at least the money go help the family of the police wey dem kill

Egbon: No be lie but shey you no say CBN never commot leg ontop the account of the EndSARS protesters wey dem freeze that time

Mazi: You no mean am o

Egbon: I dey tell you, the CBN still put leg ontop the account

Mazi: Kai, time don run go o, i wan dey go, we go see later

Egbon: Ok, no wahala, take care

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