Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (146): The Strange And Deadly Illness In Kogi

The Strange And Deadly Illness In Kogi

Mazi: To even open Newspaper or hear News ontop radio and television these days con dey do my body one kain

Egbon: Why your body dey do you one kain, i don tell you before say e dey ok to dey hear News, sake of say you go sabi wetin dey happen inside the country and outside Naija

Mazi: But my body no be your body now, naa me know why i talk say my body dey do me one kain

Egbon: Ah, mabinu jare, no vex, i no know say naa fight you carry come today

Mazi: Nobody carry fight come, naa you know where you see Boxing ring

Egbon: Why you con dey talk like say we get fight before

Mazi: Naa the different different tory wey no sweet my belle wey dey inside these newspaper now, some days ago, naa Yellow fever matter we dey see for ( cut in….

Egbon: Shey naa Green you con dey see now?

Mazi: Person go dey talk better matter you no go serious when you suppose talk better, you no read am for news say Deadly Illness In Kogi wey dem never sabi the name dey kill people for the state

The Strange And Deadly Illness In Kogi

Egbon: Ehn ehn, i never see the News o, abeg tell me something

Mazi: The News talk say Kogi House of Assembly dey beg State plus Federal Ministries of Health say make dem help the state torchlight the Deadly Illness In Kogi wey don kill 50 people for inside Olamaboro Local Government

Egbon: Ahhhh, 50 people keh, kilode, that one naa serious something o, Naa God fit help us for this country o

Nigerian Governors Beg UN For Help

Mazi: Naa so so bad tory plenty for inside the News, i hear say the strange sickness dey cause headache, red eyes, person no go fit like say make him chop, him no go fit urinate and fit die self 

Egbon: Make God keep us plus our family o, i even read am for Newspaper say Governors for Naija dey beg United Nation for Help

Mazi: Help ontop wetin again now, dem wan borrow another money?

Egbon: Dem no borrow money o, dem talk say make the UN assist dem ontop COVID-19 matter, say dem need help ontop the economy for dem states

Mazi: That one go make sense now if the UN fit help dem sha

Egbon: For me, i no see any sense inside the beg beg talk o, wey the money wey Big big people plus company donate for COVID-19 for the country 

Mazi: I bin dey think say naa the money dem take buy palliative that time now, abi which money you dey talk again

Egbon: And shey no be the palliatives dem keep inside warehouses that time before people go dey loot am, so why dem dey beg again

Another EndSARS Potests In Nigeria

Mazi: Egbon, come check this News Headline o, Buhari talk say him no go allow another EndSARS protests o

Egbon: Me self don read the news and i think say naa better something if him fit do wetin him suppose do

Mazi: Abeg, wetin him suppose do again, him don dissolve SARS, him don do meeting with Security oga dem, wetin remain

Egbon: When you no go read news to understand am well, you go dey assume, Bubu talk say him go dey discuss with the Youths dem

Mazi: Naa you go explain news give me now, my own be say make dem no do another EndSARS protests o, because the thing spoil many things when dem do am that time

Egbon: I don talk say naa Hoodlums destroy things, no be EndSARS protesters destroy the things

Mazi: Any which way, make dem allow siddon ontop round tabel discuss wetin dem want make government do

Egbon: Kasala no go dey if government do the thing wey dem suppose do

Mazi: Is ok o, me wan dey move, we go talk later

Egbon: No qualms, take care

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