Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (141): Pension For Ex-Governors In Nigeria

Egbon: Sanwo-Olu bin dey think say him fit carry us join body, him dey try make us forget the thing wey hapen for Lekki on October 20

Mazi: How now, but i hear say him don dey try stop the money wey former governors and dem deputy dey collect for Lagos state, that one make sense, naa better something

Egbon: Naa that one gangan i dey talk about, meself don read the news say him bin wan stop the pension wey former governors for the state dey collect but that one…. ( cut in….

Mazi: Him no still try bah?

Egbon: Naa better move him dey try make but my own be say, people still dey wait to know the person wey give the order say make dem kill people for Lekki

Mazi: But, this matter naa two different something now, the thing wey happen for Lekki naa different tory and for me o, this one wey him wan do naa another thing and naa something wey make sense

Egbon: Me self no talk say no be better something, i just dey try talk say, people never forget wetin happen for Lekki

Mazi: Ok, but if dem wan do the thing well, naa all the state wey dey for Naija dem suppose do law wey go stop the money wey former governors and dem deputies dey collect

Egbon: Gbam, you reason well, imagine how much dem dey pay the former governors and dem deputies o, and later dem go either become Senator or Minister o

Mazi: E better make dem kuku stop the money in all the state wey dey Naija and make dem use the money do better something for the masses, i even hear say Tinubu self talk sey naa better something Sanwo-Olu wan do

Egbon: Before nko, you think say Sanwo-Olu no go tell am before him tell News people dem

Nigerian Celebrities In Fresh Trouble Over EndSARS Protests

Mazi: E be like say this EndSARS tory no go finish again o, every day, person must to read or hear something ontop the matter

Egbon: EndSARS don finish, naa people wey no get work still dey drag the matter

Mazi: Hmmmm, the thing no fit finish anytime soon o, see this News o, Sam Adeyemi, Davido, Burna Boy dem don enter another court wahala like this

Egbon: Laugh….. that one no be serious something Jare, no wahala for dem, shey dem kill people ni, me self don see the news and as i see am i just dey laugh

Mazi: But wait o, why you go talk like say the thing no mean anything

Egbon: Because e no mean anything noni, i don see the list and the people wey their names dey inside the list, P-Square, Don Jazzy and all of dem no kill anybody, naa protests dem do dem no kill people

Mazi: Tor, make we wait to see how the thing go be

Egbon: Imagine how the CBN dey talk say people wey dem freeze their bank account sake of say dem do EndSARS dey do terrorism, you see say that talk no follow at all

Nigerian Army And Shekau Again

Mazi: The CBN don dey carry the matter go another level be that, I bin dey even read one news wey talk say Nigerian Soja dey find Shekau again

Egbon: You see why i dey always talk am say this government no dey talk true, you know how many times dem talk say dem don kill Shekau and still con use wan grammar talk say dem don defeat Boko Haram

Mazi: Me self shock o, i bin dey think say dem don kill shekau true true o

Egbon: Dem never kill am, naa lie lie dem dey talk up and down and small time now dem go dey flex muscle ontop Hate Speech, which speech we go con call this one now

Mazi: Na wa o, naa everyday Drama for this Naija o, imagine dem no fit trace people wey dey sponsor Boko Haram and dem don arrest Six people for UAE say dem dey sponsor the group

Egbon: One thing wey i know be say, one day, one day, truth go come out

Mazi: But wait o, I no con understand this USA election again o, dem never count the thing finish

Egbon: Shebi dem don announce say naa Joe-Biden win the election, wetin remain again

Mazi: Nna ehn, the matter never finish o, Trump never gree say him loose the elections

Egbon: See naa dem sabi jare, naa Naija matter concern me pass, USA go dey ok las las, i bin even get where i wan go, we go talk later 

Mazi: Abeg, if naa business matter, no forget me o

Egbon: No be Business matter, i wan go greet one of my neigbor wey born pikin ni

Mazi: Ok o

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