Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News: (135) They Are Not Hoodlums, The Palliatives Belong To Them

Egbon: Naija my country, we just dey move from one grammar to the other, the other day naa Quarantine we dey hear, later o, naa police brutality, Mazi, shey you don hear the latest grammar for town now

Mazi: Naa you dey follow grammar matter up and down, naa money me dey find o, Nna ehn, yan me make i hear, wetin be the latest grammar for town

Egbon: Who tell you say me self no dey find money, even Dangote still dey find money, why me no go find money, the thing just be say, i dey try dey current as i dey find money

Mazi: Eeyah, current Affairs, abeg tell me something, which one be the latest grammar for inside town

Egbon: The latest grammar wey everybody dey chop for mouth like yam now naa Hoodlums oo, another one naa palliatives but you see that Hoodlums, naa him popular pass every other grammar wey dey reign now

Mazi: Nawa o, naija with different tory everyday, anyways, naa one of the things wey i dey gbadun about Nigeria be that, no dull moment at all, but the hoodlums, shey no be thug e mean, abi i no get am correct

Egbon: You kuku get am, you suppose know say you no fit dey follow me roll, make you no con sabi wetin dey sup abi keh no some grammars, hoodlums and thugs abi touts naa the same thing

Mazi: Laugh…. me wey be say, naa before i meet you me self don dey blow grammar, you sabi your grammar, me self sabi my own, but, make i ask you o, why e be say naa hoodlums con dey popular among other grammar wey dey town for now

Egbon: Naa better question you ask and me self go give you better answer

Mazi: Ok, i dey hear you

Egbon: You know say the other day, naa en some people find one COVID-19 warehouse for inside Lagos and since people don find that one, others con dey find their own for different states across Nigeria

Mazi: That one no be lie, i hear say, dem find the warehouse for Jos, Osun, Kwara, Oyo, Ekiti and many other states, but you no see say many of these politicians for naija no dey fear God

Egbon: That matter naa tory for another day, the one wey con dey pepper my body now naa how dem they call the people wey dey go carry the palliatives hoodlums, how dem take be hoodlums, shey no be them suppose get the thing, abi which kain something be this one now

Mazi: Make i no lie you, i no support as these politicians keep the palliatives for inside warehouse when dem suppose share am for people, but, i no still support as people con dey go steal the palliatives for where dem keep am, two wrongs no fit make sense

Egbon: I don dey suspect you before now, e be like say, you self don get politician wey you dey support, if you wan cold, make you cold, if you wan hot make you hot proper, no be say make you dey blow hot and cold breez at the same time

Mazi: I dey talk A, you con dey talk D, naa by force say make i dey the same lane where you stand put, i don talk am say as the politicians keep the palliatives no follow (cut in…)

Egbon: Why you con still dey blame the people wey go carry wetin belong to dem

Mazi: I dey blame the people sake of say, as dem go carry those palliatives like that, the thing no go circulate as e suppose be, naa very small number of people go pack the thing put inside their domot instead make plenty people get am

Egbon: You no hear that politician for which state self, wey talk say, him wan share the palliatives for people if him dey do birthday, which kain nonsense be that, no be yeye talk be that one

Mazi: That one naa yeye talk true true but you suppose don hear say some people con dey carry the palliatives looting pass normal, how dem go dey go steal from people wey dey do their personal business, go dey carry their goods, if naa you, shey you go dey happy

Egbon: E show clear clear say that one naa overdo, and naa thief dem be but as for the people wey go carry foods for those warehouses, dem no be hoodlums, naa dem get the palliatives

Lekki shooting: Between Nigerian Army And Sanwo-Olu

Mazi: But wait , i no dey hear anything about this Lekki shooting again o, dem never find the people wey dey behind the killing, dem never arrest anybody since

Egbon: The thing no even too clear again, Lagos governor, Sanwo-Olu wey dey deny say him no know how the killing take happen, don dey change mouth like this o

Mazi: I hear am too say when CNN journalist ask am question, him confess say true true the Army people shoot for Lekki Tollgate, why him no con talk am for naija when our journalist dey ask him

Egbon: I no understand these naija politicians o, wetin dem no fit talk about naija for naija, dem go dey talk am for obodo oyinbo, why now, dem wan dey shame us but God no go shame us o

Mazi: Amen o, dem Army dem never talk too, abi naa me never read wetin dem talk

Egbon: Naija Army don talk, dem talk say naa Lagos governor give dem order make dem go Lekki Tollgate that night, but dem con talk say, dem no shoot for the place, i no con understand the person wey we go believe between Sanwo-Olu and Naija Army

Mazi: Nawa o, you don see the video where Fashola discover camera for the Tollgate

Egbon: Laugh…. the thing naa two face o, e funny one side, e no too funny for the other side, the area wey burn like that, wey be say dem even don clean, naa the same area Fashola con find camera

Mazi: Mtchw, no mind dem, yeye dey smell, dem be dey think say Naija people naa mugun, so dem dey expect say people go believe that Drama like that o, but Maka why, dem suppose don know say people eye don clear pass before now

Egbon: No worry, naa small small dem go dey hear am and before dem know, dem go see say Nigerians no dey sleep again

Nnamdi Kanu Threatens Politicians

Mazi: Come come o, i don see another headline for inside this paper, IPOB leader don dey threaten Nigeria politicians o

Egbon: Me self see the news, but no be all of them him be dey threaten, him say naa the ones wey dey corrupt among dem, say make dem no show for Obodo oyinbo o

Mazi: Nna forget that thing, naa fumble him dey, him no fit do dem anything

Egbon: I no think say naa fumble him dey o, you don forget how dem disgrace some of them wey travel outside naija sometimes ago, maybe naa the same thing Kanu and him supporters wan dey show the ones wey get corruption under agbada among dem.

Mazi: Make we dey watch as the thing go be now, Egbon, i wan dey move, the one wey i read for news don do

Egbon: You better dey read news well, e good for your body o

Mazi: News con be like Akpu abi e go give me money for my account, we go talk later, take care.

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