Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (134): Tinubu Reacts To Killings At Lekki Toll Gate

Mazi: Naa the reason why i dey always talk say e no too good to dey believe everything wey dey ontop social media be this ooo, chai, Tinubu do this, Tinubu do that, las las Tinubu don talk o

Egbon: Before nko, shey you no know say fake news boku ontop social media, naa person suppose open him eyes well to know which news to believe, me self don hear wetin Tinubu talk, but the matter never finish still

Mazi: Wetin remain o, after letter Z, wetin remain for inside alphabet, Tinubu wey many be dey accuse since say him travel out don talk, wetin you still dey expect now, him even talk say him no commot for Lagos whendem dey do the attack for the state.

Egbon: Many things still remain o, sake of say many Nigerians still dey wait to know the person wey give that very order on Tuesday, October 20

Mazi: Sometimes, i dey doubt whether naa the same Newspaper wey i dey read, you self dey read o because i no con dey too understand you again since this EndSARS protests don start, Sanwo-Olu don talk, Nigerian Army don talk their own, now Tinubu self don confirm say no be him give the order, wetin remain

Egbon: Many things remain o, plenty matter still dey ground like this, because the people wey die for that Lekki Tollgate no be animal dem be, dem get family member and government suppose punish the people wey kill them

Mazi: I no talk say make dem no punish people wey dey get hand for inside the Tollgate shootings and killings, wetin i dey talk be say make people no dey spread news wey no follow, fake news too plenty ontop social media

Egbon: But wait o, you no hear that part where Tinubu dey talk say him political enemy get hand inside how people go burn him Tv station plus Newspaper office for Lagos and how some people dey carry rumour say naa him dey sponsor the thugs wey scatter protests for the state

Mazi: I see am o and i even believe am because i no too trust most of these our politicians, dem fit do anything sake of politics o, but no be small something Tinubu loss inside that attack o

Egbon: If you dey talk about the property wey Tinubu and Lagos state government loss, wetin you wan talk about the lives wey dem use gun cut for the Lekki area

Mazi: Egbon, if true true people die for that Lekki tollgate, i sympathise with their family dem but still, e better make we no conclude before dem torchlight the matter o

Egbon: One thing wey me i know be say God dey and naa him go judge everybody matter, i believe say one day soon, the truth go show face ontop this Lekki matter

Mazi: Me self i believe am, wait o, shey the people wey carry the staff and shoes wey belong to Oba of Lagos don return am, abi wetin be the latest self

Egbon: Naa the news i just check like this o, come check am too, traditional worshippers don chuk mouth put for the matter o

Mazi: Nna ehn, no be small something o, me self i dey wonder why those hoodlums go thief the staff of office, dem no dey respect tradition, some people no even dey think say this things fit get repercussions o

Egbon: Leave them o, if something bad con happen to them now, dem go dey shout up and down, i see many picture wey show how the hoodlums scatter many things for inside the Oba palace for lagos state

Mazi: I just dey pity dem, this wan wey be say traditional worshippers don chuk mouth put like this, dem suppose don know say the thing no be joke again o, anyways i no know whether Yoruba juju no dey work again

Egbon: Wetin you mean o, you better no doubt the power wey dey inside Juju for Yorubaland o, civilization no mean say Juju no dey again o, make we watch and see how the thing go end now

Mazi: I no talk say Juju no dey for Yorubaland ( cut in…

Egbon: Wetin you con dey talk, talk am well make i hear

Mazi: Why you con dey carry the matter put for head like this, abeg, e never reach that level, only say we never know how many millions wey dem go give the Oba make e fit renovate him palace like this

Egbon: Government never talk about the palace matter but Sanwo-Olu don talk say naa plenty money dem go need to repair the government property wey the hoodlums spoil for the state o

Mazi: Dem go give the Oba big money o, you don forget say naa 100 million Makinde give the Oba for Ogbomosho when hoodlums attack him palace

Egbon: But the king later tell Makinde say him go only need 10 million, say make him no worry about the remaining say the sons and daughter of the town go gather hand do other things wey dem suppose do for the palace

Mazi: That one still make sense, at least, government go fit use the money ontop other things wey fit benefit the people of Oyo state

Egbon: Naso, shey you don hear wetin the Nigeria Governor’s Forum talk ontop the palliatives wey some people dey loot for the warehouses where dem be dey hide am( cut in.. )

Mazi: I never hear that news o, abeg wetin dem talk, abi naa photoshop the thing be, wetin the governors talk because i no know how some people get wicked hearts like this, dem wicked so tey, dey hide indomie and other things wey dem suppose give people

Egbon: Imagine the number of people wey hunger catch for that COVID-19 time, the governor dem con talk say, dem know why dem dey keep the palliatives

Mazi: Before nko, dem must to talk something now, why dem keep am o, dem want make hunger kill people finish abi dem wan sale am, abi dem wan use am do campaign, cuz i no understand

Egbon: These questions too much now, the thing wey the governors sha talk naa say dem dey try keep the thing in case COVID-19 show face again, make the thing no catch them when dem no prepare

Mazi: Nawa o, this country matter tire me like this o, people no chop when the lockdown first start, dem con dey hide food sake of another lockdown

Egbon: Naa why i dey talk say we need new Nigeria be this, make everybody fit benefit from the government, make he no be say naa few people for government go dey share our resources

Mazi: Me self dey wait for that new Nigeria o, cuz as he be like this, the National cake no too go round o, except naa say you dey chop am and you no wan talk 

Egbon: Olorun maje, i no go do the thing wey no go make Naija better o and anybody wey dey do that kind thing, naa one by one go dey expose them the wey e dey expose all these warehouses

Egbon: Amin ooooo, in Jesus name, fire, Mazi, i need to go now, we go talk later

Mazi: Ok no wahala, take care

Egbon: And you too, bye bye

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