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The night was still young, the drinks were flowing and the music was very soothing to the conversation between Seyi, Biola, Diana and Joyce a friend of Diana. It was Diana’s birthday and she was very sad that her boyfriend dumped her via twitter so Biola called Seyi to take them out to a nice but secretive restaurant where Umar would not be able to track or find her.

For a time, All she ever wanted was to marry Ben and have children by him but after everything she had been through especially in the hands of Bishop; the anger she felt towards God was directed toward Ben in that moment

He tried to calm her down but she was not having it. You won’t believe what she did next. This lady took his food and drink from their table to mine and was like “he is all yours”. Everyone in the restaurant was looking at me like a homewrecker; I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. So I stood up to leave but it was very hard because she pushed him over my table and it crumbled on my leg.

So, does that mean that I am the problem? I didn’t ask those guys to want me but they did and literally did not want to leave me alone. Every time I thought it was over, one of them would show up again with drama.

“Nothing is wrong with you. You are perfect” he looked into my eyes and kissed me; a kiss that took the wind from under me. If I was standing I think my knees would have given me way to fall to the ground. The kiss was so mesmerizing that we couldn’t talk after. We just sat there in silence basking in each other’s presence.

I begged him and told him that my boss forced me to go out with Abdul, so that he could talk to his father to bring more business for the bank. I even went on to tell him how he was the one I wanted to be with and no one else but he did not believe me. The next words out of his mouth were shocking

“This is it” I thought “He is going to come over to my table and say hi” But he didn’t. He turned his face away without waving or nodding or even recognizing that I am someone that deserves to be greeted.

I looked at him again this time paying attention to the tribal marks on his face and said nothing. I know when a man is looking for my attention and I was in no mood to indulge. I mean if something was really wrong with me is it in the toilet he will help me? All these pervs.