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Nigerian Traditional Caps

Nigerian traditional caps are one of the dashing things you would see in occasions every weekend. The men’s headgear is an accessory adorn for honor, protection, beauty and class. There are different caps by different ethnic groups and tribes. The royal kings also adorn traditional caps as part of their clothing accessories. There are the westerners baseball cap but the Nigerian traditional caps mark us out in the world with its beauty and style.

Hausa Caps

The Hausa tribes of Nigeria adorn their heads with different kinds of headgears. Fula Kube is one popular cap that looks radiant. The thick woven cap has embroideries which embodies the caliphates and emirates. There are different sizes and colors worn by children and adults. Fula Kube could be worn with turban. There is also the politician cap which is well seen in the green and red chambers of the Nigerian national assemblies.

Nigerian Traditional Caps 5
Hausa Cap

Igbo Caps

The Igbo traditional cap is also a model for its rich culture and tradition. The red-chief-cap is one that is very popular. It is asymbol of honor, respect and adoration. Along with the red neck beads, it is a matching clothing accessory. The chief cap is in sizes. There is the skull cap, and there is another that is similar to head-warmer.  Igbo chiefs and kings adorn these caps in their communities. They have their caps styled with white feather as a symbol of royalty.

Nigerian Traditional Caps 6
Igbo Cap

Yoruba Caps

The people of Southwest Nigeria have different types of caps such as fila-abeti-aja, kongo, bentigol and so on. The caps are sewn with different materials most especially aso-oke. The cap could be placed in different styles on the head. A bachelor has a distinct position different from the married men. Fila-abeti-aja is modeled like dog ears. It is also similar to the head of a garden egg as it extends to cover the earlobes. The royal kings has unique cap styled with embroideries. The titles of the kings are clearly written with beads. A Yoruba man’s dressing is not complete without the cap (fila).

Nigerian Traditional Caps 7
Yoruba Cap

There are other traditional caps such as hats native to the South-south. The hat goes with the senator wears. Chiefs and kings in this part of the country are marked out with feathers attached to their hats. Cap is one thing that would make you unique in the gathering. There is a wide range of you may adorn this weekend. Suit yourself by standing out with any of these caps and return home with your missing ribs.

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