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A creature with a kind and tender heart, Intelligent and gentle like a dove, Persevering and understanding. A creature with…

Legendary Osogbo people The legendary people of Osogbo are found in a city in the southwestern part of Nigeria. The city is the capital of Osun state and seats the headquarters of Osogbo Local Government Area and Olorunda Local Government Area of the state.

While growing up, Christmas is a day I looked forward to. There is this happiness and warmness in the neighborhood; almost everybody puts on a smiling faces and for the kids, we can’t but wait to adorn our Christmas clothes. As for me and my siblings, a good result at the end of the school term attracts gifts from our parents not to talk of the gifts Santa Claus brings from Rome (even though our teachers acted the part of Santa, it was unknown to us then). It is also an avenue for us to visit our friends and relatives. This period seems to be about jamboree but is that all the day entails is a question to be answered.

All Kalabari communities are surrounded by water and Tombia Kingdom isn’t an exception. It has Iwofe, Ikpokiri, and Bukuma has its closest neighbors.

“In Igbo Land, it is important that everyone sees that you are pregnant when you are pregnant. Start with the Igwe’s wife for example. Everybody is supposed to see her pregnant. They will celebrate it and even assign people to help her as her baby grows. Apart from this, traditionally, it is improper to have another woman bear the heir to the throne. That’s infidelity. Most children born that way are exempted. The bottom line is that there has to be a seen proof of pregnancy.

Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has said the 2019 edition of Abuja Carnival will be decentralised and will hold in area councils of the FCT, instead of restricting it to a few venues in the city centre. Mohammed said that will elicit more participation by the residents of the FCT.

Apart from fish and crayfish, another important seafood that can be found in coastal areas of Nigeria is the periwinkle snail. It is a mollusk that is named scientifically as Littorina littorea. It is commonly known as Isam by Nigerians especially in the coastal areas of the country. The Yoruba people also refer to it as Isawuru. Periwinkles are found mostly on rocky shores and are mostly dispersed into water. They are also found in small tide pools as well as muddy habitats such as estuaries.

The earthen pot may come in different sizes and shapes. They are used majorly for cooking in the kitchen and also for commercial cooking purposes. The much bigger pot is referred to as ‘amu’ by the Yoruba people and apart from being used for cooking, it is also used for storing water. In the olden days, when there is less civilization in this part of the world, water stored in this pot is always cold. It was an alternative to refrigerators and freezers.

Adire has since been used to make different things, ranging from bags, pillowcases, shoes, and other clothing accessories. It is one of the Nigerian local exports to the world and we can’t but help make this brand grow.

Nigeria is a land with diverse cultures which share various things in common. Calabash, also known as white-flowered gourd or…

One way to witness the richness, style, and diversity of the Nigerian culture is through our traditional weddings. It is a combination of our food, our style, and our music all in one beautiful and lavishly planned event. The events are usually expensive (even without the bride price) and time-consuming, but fun. It is usually a time to bond between families. Plus it is also becoming a trend in the global scene; many Nigerian wedding videos go viral on the internet almost every week.

Music is a part of the Nigerian culture and that of Africa as a whole. It has always had its place in the lives of the people from the various ethnic groups of Nigeria. Traditional music in Nigeria is strongly tied to extra-musical events which provide a means of expressing group solidarity and transmitting traditional norms and beliefs from one generation to another

You probably have heard the word ‘Zulu,’ especially on your South African television channels; it’s not just a word but…