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Featured: 5 Affordable(And Totally Nigerian) Christmas Gifts

Torn on what to gift your loved ones this season? Here are 5 thoughtful and affordable Christmas gifts

Not to kill anyone’s dream but who told Nigerians about Santa Claus puttibg gifts in your socks? Sorry to break it to you but Nigerian santa is just your loved ones dressed in a red costume – or not, but I digress.

Santa clause or not, Christmas is a time to spread cheer and what’s a better way than gifts. You don’t want to be the family member at Christmas lunch looking at everyone else eye to eye with cricket noises as soundtrack or you can be, if that’s your turf.

For today let’s talk about thoughful Christmas gifts you can get for your loved ones this holiday without breaking the bank. Trust me, it’s not funny when you have to start a new year broke, having to do intense maths before spending a kobo.

In no particular order, let’s get on with the list. Note that, this list can also be tailored to the taste of the recipient.

Journal or daily planner.

This is a personal favourite – may or may not be because I’m a writer but I believe this is such a thoughtful gift. It shows that you are invested in the recipient’s growth and wellbeing. To put a personal touch to this, you can have this customized with the person’s name, favourite quote or even an inside joke. You don’t have to empty your pocket for this and this person thinks of you whenever they write in that journal, what could be better than that?

Customized Gift box

This is one gift idea that can never go wrong. Unless you are dealing with an incredibly difficult person, if this is the case, the Lord is your muscle. The beauty of giving a gift box is you can mix and match as many items as can fit into the box. Whatever the recipient is into, is it fitness, skincare, alcohol, scents? You can fit all these into giftbox without breaking the bank.

Curated playlist/book library.

Nothing screams thoughtful like this. I can confirm that it is a different level of language when someone gives you a present that is detailed to the T. If the recipient is heavy on african literature, you can put together a library of literary pieces in african literature. If it’s an afrobeat aficionado then you can curate the list of the hottest afrobeat sounds for them. Here is an extra tip, it’d be better if you did some digging to find underground creatives that the recipient may not have heard of before but creates the kind of content they love. Thank me later 😉

Photo Album

Another adorable way to engrave your name in the hearts of your loved one and you don’t need much to get this done. If you want to get a physical photo album, it wouldn’t cost and arm and a leg. Even better with technology these days, you can create a digital album with all the pictures of adorable moments you’ve had with.

Customized Accessories

Yhup! This had to make the list but I’m not just talking of custom necklaces and bracelets as many would think of but it could also he tote bags, key chain, book holder or even a random decorative piece. It may seem like little thing but it goes a long way in making people smile. Remember that with Christmas gifts it’s the thought(and action too) that counts.

There you have it, 5 thoughtful Christmas gifts to give as a typical nigerian. You don’t have to give mummy Bola the same hamper every Christmas, it’s time to switch things up.
Happy Holidays!

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