Nigeria 2nd in Africa Without Electricity Access- Report

A report has revealed that Nigeria is the second country with the highest number of citizens without proper electricity access in the whole of Africa.

In terms of the population in Nigeria that has considerable access to electricity, the report penned down about sixty-two per cent of Nigerians with access to energy.

Meanwhile, the Africa Energy Outlook 2019 report by the International Energy Agency report, IEA, specified that overall, seven hundred and seventy million people are without electricity access in Africa.

Unfortunately, Nigeria also accounts for ten per cent of the estimated figures above of persons lacking an adequate power supply.

Furthermore, the exact figures stand for thirty-eight per cent of the continent’s population.

The IEA report suggested that by 2030, fifty per cent of the global population without access is concentrated in seven countries.

Nation’s mentioned without access to adequate power supply include Congo, Nigeria, Uganda, Pakistan, Tanzania, Niger, and Sudan, in no particular order.

Electricity Access

On the other hand, Cape Verde tops the list of countries with the highest electricity access, having ninety-six per cent of those with access.

Next on the list is Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Senegal, and Sao Tome come next with eighty-five per cent, seven-six per cent, and seven-one per cent electricity access, respectively.

Sadly, the Democratic Republic of Congo is the highest in the African Continent, with the population having little or no access to power supply.

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