Ghana Police Clear Barry Jhay of Murder

What may have seemed like a good month for Nigerian pop artiste, Barry Jhay quickly spiralled in the opposite direction following the death of his boss, Kashy Godson in Ghana.

Police Clear Barry Jhay of Murder Allegations

However, the Ghana police have cleared Barry Jhay of murder accusations after carrying out extensive investigations with the input of the accused, eye witnesses and evidence from the hotel’s CCTV footage.

Ghana Police Clear Barry Jhay Of Murder 1
Ghana Police Clear Barry Jhay of Murder

According to the statement from the police, the incident corresponds with the account Barry Jhay gave. the report mentioned that minutes before his death, Kashy’s girlfriend had rushed into Jhay’s room to report that the deceased was acting funny. Barry’s intervention led to the fight between them.

The CCTV footage which was also shared revealed that Barry Jay left the hotel building at 12: 41 AM while Kashy fell from the fourth floor of the hotel building 12 minutes later at 12: 53 AM.

Ghana Police Clear Barry Jhay Of Murder 2
Ghana Police Clear Barry Jhay of Murder 4

News of Kashy’s death permeated social media within minutes of its occurrence and Barry was at the centre of the case as he had just fallen out with Kashy on that trip. Before any official investigation was carried out, people began sending death threats to Barry Jhay accusing him of killing his record label owner.

Although, Kashy’s girlfriend claimed the deceased was not suffering from any mental illness that led him to commit suicide, the reports from the police said different.

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