Man Laments Over Plate of Food in Abuja

A Nigerian man identified as Terfa Tilley-Gyado, has taken to social media to share a plate of food he bought at a restaurant in Abuja.

The twitter user shared photo of a plate of salad which he bought at five thousand naira.

He wrote, “Finding good food in Abuja is a big big problem. 5k for this?

Twitter User Laments
Twitter user laments

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This got Nigerians talking in the comment section. Read some of the comments below;

@okwoche wrote, “What? For this rabbit portion?”

@soweesy78 wrote, “Alternatively get the recipe, buy the ingredients at half the cost and make at home.”

@IsmaeelAhmed wrote, “You mean finding Rich People’s Food.”

@abdulsemi wrote, “Basic” salad. 5K. SMH. Una get money for Abuja. Sorry”

@victorsozaboy commented, “You are a change agent. Solve the problem by doing what you should do so when I come I don’t have this problem. Be well! (Madam abeg add another shaaky, sorry I was talking to my friend who is having food problem in Abuja. Yes ma, you are right. Lagos better pass that side ma.”

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