CNN Travel Lists 2 Nigerian Soups Among World Best Soups

Nigerian soups are one of a kind and have got international recognition as two was listed on CNN’s travel lists of best soups.

Delicacies from different parts of the world were listed by CNN with Nigeria’s Banga soup and Groundnut soup (West Africa) included in the word best soups

Banga Soup (Nigeria)

Banga is so popular in Nigeria that shops sell ready-mixed packets of spice.

Fruits from the oil palm tree lend both fat and flavor to this soup from the Niger Delta, which also features fresh catfish, beef and dried seafood.

It’s so popular that packets of ready-mixed banga spiceare sold in shops. Most blends include African nutmeg, castor seed, orima, jansa and beletete leaves.

The spices infuse a rich, red sauce that’s the soup’s main draw: Soak it up with eba or a ball of starch, two Nigerian staples both made from cassava prepared with different methods.

Groundnut Soup (West Africa)

Sweet potatoes and okra are stars in this particular version of groundnut soup, popular throughout West Africa.

As with so many culinary treats, groundnut soup ignores international boundaries: Meat, fish or chicken simmered into a thick peanut soup is pure comfort food in countries across West Africa. Versions range from Gambian domoda — the national dish — to a Nigerian take cooked with bitter, leafy greens.

No matter the country, such soups and stews are creamy, rich and salty, a satisfying combination that often gets a fiery jolt from the addition of Scotch bonnet peppers.

Groundnut Soup
Groundnut soup

Other Soups From Different Part of The World

Soups listed by CNN and their origin include Beef pho (Vietnam), Borscht (Ukraine), Bouillabaisse (France), Caldo verde (Portugal), Chorba frik  (North Africa), Chupe de camarones (Peru), Gazpacho (Spain), Gumbo (USA), Harira (Morocco), Kharcho (Georgia), Lanzhou beef noodle soup (China), Mohinga (Myanmar), Menudo (Mexico), Moqueca de camarão (Brazil), Soto ayam (Indonesia), Tom yum goong (Thailand), Tonkotsu ramen (Japan), and Yayla çorbasi (Turkey).

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