5 Nigerian Foods Idea For Christmas

Nigerian foods are no doubt sumptuous delicacies for festive seasons such as Christmas.

As the Christmas celebration for this year (2020) draws near, the economic situation and how the year turned out to be has made many Nigerians to prepare for a better end to the year.

Even if the nation is currently battling recession with price of things including foodstuffs going up, there are still Nigerian foods that can stand the test of time so as to have a memorable Christmas.

Although many Nigerian homes take jollof/fried rice as their official Christmas food, border closure as well as high price of food commodities such as rice, onion, and so on will definitely make some homes to look for other options.

Here are 5 Nigerian Foods Idea To Have A Memorable Christmas

This particular list of Nigerian foods consists of dessert, soup, snacks and main food that you may try out and still have a memorable Christmas celebration with your family and friends.

5 Nigerian Foods Idea For Christmas
Moi moi
  1. Moi-moi (Seven Lives): Although this could serve as a three-course-meal along with fried/jollof rice, and salad; it can also stand alone with its nutritive value and cost. A moi-moi made with full ingredients such as egg, fish, beef, corn beef, crayfish, and so on with beans as the main ingredient can be cooked in large quantity for family and friends. This particular food with seven lives can relief you the pressure of cooking large quantity of rice.
  2. Ugba/Ukpaka (Nigerian Salad): Ugba is one of the Nigerian local delicacies. It is a traditional Igbo meal native to the eastern states especially Imo. You could make up with this Nigerian salad which has a very rich nutritive value. Other you have to make use of onion in its preparation, this particular delicacy will make you have a memorable Christmas celebration with your people. All you need to prepare this salad are; Ugba (shredded oil bean), palm oil, pepper, potash/baking soda, stock cube, ogiri igbo (from castor seeds), ponmo (cow skin), stockfish, crayfish, salt, red onion, garden egg leaves and dry fish.
  3. Plantain Porridge: This is another food you could prepare in large quantity and still have a Christmas to remember in style. Porridge can be made with tuber crops such as yam, water yam, and cocoyam. The one made with plantain is very delicious and nutritious. Preparing plantain porridge is very easy and cheap. The main ingredient is ripe/unripe plantain. Other ingredients are palm oil, fresh tomatoes, fresh pepper, bulbs of onion, stock cubes, meat (chicken/goat/beef), fish, crayfish, spice, vegetables (ugwu), and salt to taste.
  4. Pocho Soup: Why not try a new recipe this Christmas in your home? Pocho soup which is native to Benue State is one Nigerian local delicacy that can serve ceremonious purpose is definitely high on the list of delicacies to try out. Pocho is a sauce with a blend of meat, onions, peppers, palm oil, locust beans and seasoning. It is always watery kind of soup that can be combined with other soups such as okra, vegetable to suit one’s taste. This could go with your swallow such as pounded yam, eba, semo, tuwo, rice and so on.
  5. Kilishi: Kilishi is one Nigerian snack native to Northern Nigeria. You can prepare this in your home and enjoy with your family in this festive period. Beef, suya spice (pepper), garlic cloves (kanafuru), ginger, stock cubes, dry cayenne pepper and salt are all you need to make this popular snacks. With your home stocked with drinks such as wine, soft drinks and so on, you will definitely have a memorable Christmas.

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This particular Christmas menu features a wide range of options for you to have a wonderful and memorable Christmas celebration. You should have this in mind as you prepare to shop for Christmas packages.

It is better to make your preparations as quick as possible so that you will also have time to go out with family and friends if you really wish to do so.

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