Joe Cole Says Chelsea will Win the EPL with Lukaku

Former Chelsea and West Ham United forward Joe Cole have tipped Chelsea to win the 2021/22 English Premier League title. He said the Blues are the favourite to win the Premier League after the signing of Romelu Lukaku.

Joe Cole Tips Chelsea to Win the English Premier League

In a chat with The Sun, Joe Cole insisted that the arrival of Romelu Lulaku puts the team on the same level as Manchester City. If you remember, Chelsea signed the Belgian striker in a club-record £98m switch from Inter Milan on Thursday.

Joe Cole Says Chelsea Will Win The Epl With Lukaku 1

Cole said: “I think it puts them right on the level with Manchester City, especially if they don’t do anything more. I look at the Chelsea squad now and don’t see any weaknesses.” “If you look at last season and look at it very crudely, even though they won the Champions League, the top scorer finished with seven goals. So it’s evident they needed a goalscorer, and Lukaku’s a goalscorer.”

He concluded by saying: “Not only that, but he is the whole focal point of an attack. Chelsea has an abundance of players who can play in and around him. They are now real contenders.”

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