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Not long ago, reports of former US President Barack Obama’s daughter Malia Obama and boyfriend Rory Farquharson breaking up went viral. As many followers of Malia have been thinking who the cute chap, the former first daughter of the US is dating, here’s all you need to know about the Harvard boyfriend Rory Farquharson who aspires to be a banker in the future as made available by Spokeo.

People say that when you have a good number of suitors, it makes you feel attractive. I get a lot of attention from men and sometimes women and at the moment I have three guys fighting for my attention but I do not feel attractive, or confidence. Do you want to know what I feel? Confusion and lack of confidence, I am starting to realize that I feel the most sexy or attractive when I am confident in the decisions that I make; which is not the case at the moment.

When she attempted to wipe them away, her eyes caught Greg looking at her from a near distance. The blood in her body started to evaporate, she felt like the life in her was slowly slipping away and Greg was her only source of life.