May 22: Top 3 Twitter Trends Explained on EveryEvery

It is Friday and we are supposed to be preparing to go for the weekend handouts but since we can’t go out to have any public gathering, we can have catch some fun getting to know reading about the Twitter trends for today.

I bet this is not a waste of time, but a jolly ride to knowing the stories behind the Twitter trends for today.

Twitter trends


Mercy Eke, the Lambo herself does not need to fight against haters in case she has any, because Twitter users are ever ready to sock oceans dry for her sake.

Today #DontComeForMercyEke is one of the most engaging Twitter trends and the reason is that a female Twitter Influencer, Feyikemi Abudu came hard on Mercy, especially abut her newly launched real estate firm called Lambo Homes.

Mercy Eke, Ceo Lambo Homes
Mercy Eke, CEO Lambo Homes

According to Abudu, Mercy’s real estate firm is not just a firm owned by her, but a cover-up for money laundering.

This statement has scattered the Twitter page as Mercenaries are clamping down on anyone who by chance align with Abudu’s insinuation.

It would be recalled that Mercy had informed her fans about the new real estate business on her reality TV show What Next and had the official launch days ago, but the dust raised afterwards is not a child’s play.

DontComeForMercyEke might not end today, but it is a strong warning for those who think they want to come for Mercy Eke.


NominateChallenge is one of the sources of employment for Nigerians at this moment, though this employment might be without financial gains, several persons are actively engaged under this lockdown. This started when Stonebwoy tweeted that Twitter users should make a video with one of his songs.

According to him, the video should be used with his song titled “Nominate” featuring Keri Hilton of the #AnlogaJunctionAlbum and showing love to someone in their lives.

This was the trigger that brought #NominateChallenge to be among the Twitter trends for today. The videos produced after this tweet has made the day quite interesting and the challenge going beyond his song and spreading to other items on social media.

Watch out for my #NominateChallenge video, you can’t beat it.


Ramadan is the annual fast for Muslims across the world and the end of the fast is celebrated and this year despite the lockdown will not go without being marked.

This year’s Eid al- Fitr will be celebrated on May 23 to May 24, which is tomorrow and the day after but #EidMubarak is already trending.

May 22: Top 3 Twitter Trends Explained On Everyevery 1

The lockdown might have down the best it can do with the restriction of movement but that will not stop Twitter users from having fun and using the #tag to trend their tweets.

Before we start the celebrations tomorrow, let me use this moment to congratulate Muslim Umar all over the world for the success of this year’s Ramadan. We can not but believe that Coronavirus would not be in our neighbourhood this time next year.

As for me, I will use more of #EidMubarak to trend my posts on Twitter until we finish the celebrations.

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