Former Turkish Captain(Arda Turan) Jailed in His Country.

Former Atletico Madrid player Arda Turan has been sentenced to prison for two years and eight months. He was charged with possession of an illegal weapon, firing off a gun to incite fear and panic and causing intentional injury.

Arda Turan who was loaned from Barca since 2015  to Istanbul Basaksehir was involved in a crowd fight with a Turkish pop singer, Berkay Sahin last year. He engaged the singer to physical combat and left him a broken nose on the 8 of October.

Sahin was in the hospital for surgery when Turan came in with a gun and fired it to the ground. He was charged with sexual assault against Sahin’s wife, carrying an unlicensed gun, intentional wounding, and shooting a gun to incite fear.

Court Verdict 

Upon the incident, he was fined 2.5 million Turkish Lira (£350,000) for the incident. The Turkish former captain was given a 16 match ban for forcefully pushing an assistant referee in 2018 (last season). Arda Turan allegedly abused a jungliest on their national team’s plane in 2017. He said the allegation he verbally harassed Ms. Sahin was “a heavy and ugly slander”. The Turkish court acquitted him of sexual harassment charges on Wednesday.

Arda Turan attacking an assistant referee

Arda Turan has long come out to apologize for his misconduct saying

“I learned lessons from these events,” he wrote. “My greatest aim is to make my family, my dear wife, my club and friends proud.”

The Turkish Midfielder began his career at Galatasaray as a teenager, scoring 29 goals for the club. Arda Turan was named the captain of his National team at the age of 21 and has scored 17 goals in all of his 100 caps. He retired in 2017 and since been playing for his loaned team Istanbul Basakshir.