Feature: Why Football Will be Better in 2021

The year 2020 came with so much tragedy and bitter memories for football lovers and clubs. But football will be better in 2021 than in 2020. football in 2020 got bad when leagues across the globe were suspended due to coronavirus.

Optimism was in short supply in a tempestuous and testing 2020. But with the annus horribilis now over, we are all hoping football will be better in 2021. Football fans are very positive as the vaccine for the coronavirus has finally been discovered which means fans can now return to the stadium.

Feature: Why Football Will Be Better In 2021 1
Feature: Why Football Will be Better in 2021 6

Football has offered a little bit of escapism for millions of us in the year 2021 and promises to give more uplifting moments away from the pandemic in the next 12 months.

Here are some Reasons Why Football Will be Better in 2021

Discovery of the Coronavirus vaccine

Following the discovery of the coronavirus vaccine, football fans will be returning to the stadium finally and you know going to watch a game with your friends and getting the atmosphere going in a packed stadium might seem a long way off at the moment.

However, the coronavirus vaccine does provide optimism that could happen in the coming months.

The Return of Fans

A handful of football supporters were fortunate enough to watch live football games in recent weeks, when a limited number returned to grounds in tier one and tier two areas after the national lockdown ended on 2 December.

Feature: Why Football Will Be Better In 2021 2
Return of Fans will make Football Will be Better in 2021

But that changed on Wednesday, with all football games played behind closed doors again because of the latest Covid-19 restrictions. But with vaccinations now avsilsble and already going across the country chances are that fans will be allowed back into the stadium.

However, health Secretary Matt Hancock has said the programme’s speed will depend on how fast the vaccines can be manufactured. Only when that process is further down the line will we know what it means for football crowds.

But most fans will hope football will be better in 2021 than 2020. 2021 brings the chance to dust off the season ticket, go through a much-missed matchday routine and see their favourite team in the flesh once again.

A more open Premier League title race?

Looking at the English Premier League table this season you will notice the league is very open for contention unlike the 2020 season. When England’s Premier League resumed in June there was little to get excited about in terms of a title race.

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Football Will be Better in 2021 because of more open chance to win the league

Liverpool sat 25 points clear at the top and the possibility of them not wrapping up their first league title in 30 years was close to non-existent. Even going into 2020, the Reds were already 13 points clear of second-placed Leicester City – with a game in hand.

Twelve months on, things are much tighter. Only seven points separate Liverpool, who still look to be the team to beat, and ninth-placed Southampton.

However, the Reds are not as impenetrable as they were. After 16 games last season, they had dropped points just once in a draw at Manchester United.

But this season the league is very open now, the defending champions Liverpool sits at the top of the table but not comfortably. They are just three points above Manchester United who are in the second place position and have an outstanding game at hand.

With a packed fixture calendar giving little room for rest or manoeuvre in the next few months, the unpredictability of the opening 16 rounds of fixtures could be set to continue into 2021.

Increase in the Number of Substitutions

With the approval of five substitutes in the English Premier League and other Europe leagues, there will be more options in the bench now. The English Premier League approved that five substitutes can be used in their league recently and that will really impact the team’s spirit.

Feature: Why Football Will Be Better In 2021 4
Feature: Why Football Will be Better in 2021 7

Also, the approval of emergency substitution, it will also help the team, as a player who suffers an injury can easily be replaced even if the whole substitution has been used.

From the few points you will agree with me that Football Will be Better in 2021 than it was in 2020.

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