Five Substitutions Gets Approval in EPL, See Why

EPL Approves Five Substitution Law

The English Premier League (EPL) clubs will now be allowed to make five substitutions, rather than three, in each match to the end of the season after clubs approved new rules. Teams will also be able to name nine substitutes instead of the usual seven. Football’s international law-makers gave competitions the option of increasing substitutes to protect player welfare on the sport’s resumption.

English Premier League (EPL) football will return on 17 June after a three-month absence. An announcement of the first few rounds of fixtures since the campaign was suspended on the 13th of March because of coronavirus. Although EPL clubs can now make five substitutions, each will only have three opportunities to make changes throughout the match in order to minimise disruption to the game.

Five Substitutions Gets Approval In Epl, See Why 2
Five Substitutions Gets Approval in EPL,

Clubs have also agreed in principle to the use of neutral venues if required, although the vast majority of matches are expected to be played in their usual grounds, barring local spikes in coronavirus cases. A draft document detailing the extensive biosecurity measures required for each match has been circulated. It is believed the number of people in the stadium while each match is being played will be limited to about 300.

How to end the season, decide the league positions and the possible consequences should it prove impossible to play the remaining matches was discussed at a meeting of clubs, but any decision was delayed to concentrate on the return of action. The five substitutions will help the clubs since they have not played for a long time and with the coronavirus pandemic crisis players will need enough strength and take all measures to ensure they stay safe.

The English Premier League (EPL) is planing massively for a return to league however some clubs are still testing positive to coronavirus, Tottenham Hotspur recorded a case recently through the regular testing of players before training. The player’s name was not mentioned but he is currently in self-isolation.

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