Reports from Top Europe Leagues on Resumption of the League

Across Europe, many top leagues planning on resumption of their various leagues, football has been on a pause for over a month plus now. The body that represents Europe’s top leagues says when football does return it will “no doubt” be played behind closed doors.

Top Europe league sides from the likes of English Premier League (EPL), Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and French Ligue 1 side are looking at resuming their leagues with exption of just one league. At present, the state of play in the continent’s top leagues is:

Reports From Top Europe Leagues On Resumption Of The League
Spanish La liga logo

English Premier League (EPL): The English Premier League are still not ready to resume the league yet, however some clubs are on the opinion that the league should resume and be played behind closed doors. The English Premier League are hopes to resume regardless and be played behind closed doors as there is an improvement in the coronavirus fight.

Germany’s Bundesliga: The German Bundesliga side became the first club in Europe to resume training with plans of resuming the league proper. The clubs have returned to training but the season is still suspended until 30 April.

Spain’s La Liga: Only one club in the whole of Spain have resume training with all other clubs still on hold with no training until emergency measures in place are lifted and La Liga president Javier Tebas says resuming play on 28 May is a best-case scenario.

Reports From Top Europe Leagues On Resumption Of The League
Bundesliga clubs

France’s Ligue 1: No club from the French Ligue 1 side has resume yet, their football authorities are considering restarting the Ligue 1 on 3rd or 17th of June, with the latter date the more likely, according to sports daily L’Equipe.

Italy’s Serie A: The Italian Football Federation (IFF) have all decided to resume their league soonest despite the reoccurring cases of the coronavirus. They hope to begin testing players for the virus at the start of May, in preparation for the season to resume.

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