English Premier League Records 16 Fresh Covid Cases

The English Premier League says they have recorded 16 new coronavirus cases, which includes players and club staff. According to their records, players and club staff have tested positive for coronavirus over the past week. Last week Chelsea star player Christian Pulisic tested positive for coronavirus and was not in their 2-0 win over Arsenal.

16 Player and club Staff test Positive for Coronavirus in English Premier League

English Premier League says they record the positive cases across two rounds of tests done. They conducted 3,060 tests between 16 and 22 August, with 12 positive cases registered in the first round and four in the second. The figure marks another increase after nine positive cases in the first week and 11 ending 15 August.

English Premier League Records 16 Fresh Covid Cases 1
English Premier League Records 16 Fresh Covid Cases 3

English Premier League will maintain its twice-weekly testing programme. This season, it will use lateral flow tests in its weekly testing, and only those with a positive outcome will then take a PCR test to confirm the result. The league says the number of “core” individuals tested at every club has increased from 85 to 100.

The league is keen on keeping to that format. Arsenal suffered a 2-0 loss to Chelsea because of their major players. Ben White was not in the game, which gave Romelu Lukaku enough chance to bully the Gunners defence.

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