Egbon Jimoh (Episode 20): Fashola, Say What?

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Mazi, you know say dem no wan release Sowore. The way that guy is being treated is an infringement on fundamental human rights

Ahn ahn Egbon, allow me to land first before you bombard me with this your Sowore news now

I know that you don’t like him but is it good what the DSS is doing?

I thought they said that no one wanted to come and carry him and that’s why he is still in custody

Big lie. Dem no wan release am. His supporters have started protesting sef

E be like say you wan go join them

See ehn, na condition make crayfish bend. If tor say I fit enter Abuja now now. I go go protest that their protest

You no get problem, with all the wahala wey dey this country na Sowore dey make you vex. Egbon, wetin be Instagram?

Instagram Instagram… E be like say na all those facebook things, where you go snap put your pishure for am make people dey see your pishure

I know facebook now. So, another one like facebook dey wey dem dey call Instagram?

Dem plenty wey dey like that. Another one even dey where dem dey call…. Snappishure… nmh nmh… Snapshat.

Ehenh. Technology don blow for this our world oo.

Aaah. It is a global village we are living in right now. Wetin dey make you ask?

Nothing o. I just dey hear Instagram everywhere so I say make I ask. Abeg, you hear the thing wey Fashola talk?

Wetin e talk?

Hmmmn. Make I laugh first before I talk am. E talk say our roads no bad reach the way wey we dey talk say e bad. Say we too dey exaggerate

Enh! You sure say na Fashola talk am?

Video dey now. You fit go watch am if you no believe me

How a whole Fashola go talk that kind nonsense, the Ajeokuta road wey I pass as I go Kaduna last week na dream?. Mazi, that road no be here oo

I know the road you are talking about but that one small, you don see Benin road?

I hear something about that road. One driver told me that because of that Benin road he was traveling for almost thirty hours

Egbon, thirty is just about right. Have you forgotten that I fell sick the last time I went to Benin and back by road?

Oh oh. It’s true oo. Na the journey give you sickness?

That journey would have killed me because of how bad that road is. I am never going to Benin again until they repair that road

What if they say you should go and collect money?

Egbon, money cannot buy life. And Fashola is saying something else, he should be flogged. PDP told him to apologize to Nigerians or resign

He should resign. It is stupid statements like this made by our leaders that discourage us. He should come and be going

I’m telling you. In short, he should be investigated for making such a statement because it could mean that he is part of all those fake road contracts that they have been giving out; contracts that will never be executed but be fully paid for

Mazi, na another one be that oo. This thing wey you talk fit be true

I know say na true. No be this country, na true. Leave am

The only hope wey we get now na our youths. When dem enter government make dem change this country

Honestly, I read say Ibrahim Magu dey tell the youths say make dem grow not blow

Na good advice now. All this blow talk na em cause yahoo yahoo everywhere

Dem go hear?

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The one wey go hear go hear. At least e don talk talk wey good

God go help us for this country. Abeg make I go chop

You too like food no be two hours ago we chop?

Dey there dey talk. Me I don go chop