Egbon Jimoh (Episode 19): We no go gree

Can you just imagine this nonsense?

What happened?

You see the kind of rubbish all these women empowerment nonsense is causing? Egbon, a woman; in short a pastors daughter married three good men and kept them in her house ooo just see

Eeeh, shey men have been marrying more than one woman since the beginning of time. What a man can do a woman can do better

Mba mba mba, I don’t like that kind of talk. If this is what the so called woman empowerment is leading then it should be stopped now

Mazi, are you saying that you are against woman empowerment?

I am not saying that, what women don’t know is that they have had all the power since 19ogogoro. You think that if I do anything without telling my wife I will eat in the house that day?

Oga, no be that kind empowerment them dey talk about. You think say if you die now; your people go allow your wife rest? Dem no go tell make she drink your dead body water?

Wetin concern bird with tooth brush? I dey talk woman empowerment, you dey talk my dead body. Abi you wan kill me?

No now. Which kind talk be that? I just dey reason with you say dis woman empowerment thing na to help women wey no get help avoid maltreatment. The woman wey marry three men, she no kidnap dem and all of them no say the other one dey. So, e no be issue. Issue go be if dem no know say the other two dey

Egbon, e get some kind talk wey you dey talk as an African man wey dey surprise me. You go gree your wife marry another man?

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Aaaah! How I go gree? But the person wey go gree, make una allow gree now

I go just gree with you make we end this argument. You see say fire don catch Balogun market?

I see the news ooo. All these fire fire wey don dey happen for this period, you sure say no be plan dem dey plan am

Toh, I think am ooo. The thing dey bother me seriously ehn. For this Christmas period wey traders don dey plan how dem go start to dey sell Christmas things. Fire everywhere den government been wan close boarder. You see devil?

You don import all the things wey you go sell for your shop this Christmas?

Which shop? Shop wey don burn?

But I think say you get another shop for Enugu

That one na standby shop, e no big like the wan wey burn for Onitsha. This boarder wey dem wan close the vex me seriously

Mazi, na good thing. You go appreciate am in the long run

Which useless long run. You fit talk because you no be trader. All of una wey dey support Government for this decision na because una no be trader. Your work na to read book sidon for table dey write

Who tell you say I no be trader? No be only igbo people dey sell market ooo

How many things you don sell? Egbon

No be me but no be only igbo people sabi sell market

Leave am. Talk don end. As you dey support dem, you no know say if dem close boarder and go no go. Yahoo yahoo and other crime go come increase

Na true you talk but I believe say e go better

My brother no be for mouth. At least let the government even listen to the people and understand where they are coming from and give us more time

Na truth you talk, if government can give time so that the adjustment can be a bit easy

We go talk finish, government go do the one wey dem wan do