Egbon and Mazi

Egbon Jimoh (Episode 13): Issues but Happiness

When Nigeria win Brazil… When Nigeria win Brazil ooooo  

Why are you singing? Nigeria did not win Brazil. It was draw 1-1 

Chineke! And I had high Hopes for our team ooh. Beht why? 

Because Y has a long tail and 2 branches. When serious issues dey this country friendly match na your problem. You think say na Atlanta 96 be dis?

Atlanta 96 na the time wey our boys make us proud. 

Dem also try for 2016 Olympics, the one wey dem carry bronze. See oh, Sanwo Olu has commissioned engineers to start rebuilding roads in Lagos state. Isn’t that wonderful news Mazi? 

Which wonderful news? No be talk dem dey talk now. Let’s wait and see the result first before we give him accolade, because our government na audio government. Their talk big pass their action  

Na true you talk jare. Let’s wait and see the result. Na so dem dey promise us but na opposite we dey see. See as dis young man for news commit suicide because e no get job 

Tah! I don’t like hearing such news. Don’t tell me again. Only because of employment issues?  

That’s what is written here o. I don’t like the news either. I don’t encourage such behaviour, e get people wey sickness wan kill dem and dem dey pray every day make God spare their life and you with full health, because you no get job you come end your life. As long as there is life, there is hope 

Egbon, you can say that again. You no see news one time wey scientist talk say Nigeria is one of the happiest countries in the world and that happiness dey for our gene. That even with our issues we are still happy

I believe it. Nigerians are strong people and we have the ability to laugh in our sorrows and make fun of our pain. Let the young ones learn that there is time for everything. Slowly but surely 

I dey tell you. Na so we dey talk slowly but surely for this Boko Haram issue too o. How many times dem tell us say Shekau don die. No be him come talk say make Borno residents repent and seek God face? 

E don turn preacher now  

Which dirty preaching. Thank god say I no dey military, I for don end am since now   

Easier said than done 

Leave that English. Over 5 years and a whole country is battling one terrorist? I don’t know whether it is sad or shameful

It really is both but we that are not there can’t know first-hand what is going on. Even some of these our politicians in government don’t know what is really going on   

How will they know when all they care about is keeping power in one political party. See o, Apc has started their accusations again that PDP is spreading fake news about them

Na today? E don tey now. Besides I think we have too many political parties in this country…. QDP, SPP, YDP, JDDPP, MAZI AND EGBON DP… it’s too much  

Haha. Egbon, please don’t make me laugh abeg. But you are absolutely right for a country like ours, if we want to have direction five parties is enough 

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Five is even too much. As big as America is, is not only two they have?  

It doesn’t mean. Do we share the same values and issues with America?

Which values are you talking about? Politicians that can lie for their individual continents. Abeg, let me go and sleep. The pounded yam I ate doesn’t want to digest. 

But you talk say you never chop? You too dey lie

Come open my belle check am now. Mtshw

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