Biola Kila (Episode 3): Beautiful Deloris

“Tell me you don’t love me anymore!!! Say it, Greg!!! Say it to my face!!! Look into my eyes and tell me everything we had was a lie!” Biola screamed at the top of her lungs, Greg looked at her with the same cold look he had on the last time she saw him.

“I do not love you Biola, I never did and I never will”. Her heart immediately plummeted to the ground and she was not the only one who could hear the sound of her shattering heart on the bathroom floor; Greg could hear it too. He could see the devastation deeming the light away from her aura as he pulled his hand away from hers.

She had managed to get herself to the cathedral before the wedding and met him right before he went in. There was a match that day which caused a great traffic jam, therefore, delaying the wedding.

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He was in the bathroom when Biola rushed in and locked the door; it was her last desperate act to convince him not to marry someone else. She cried and begged him, there was nothing on earth she didn’t promise him but his mind was made up and at this point, all he could see was a crazy woman and not the Biola he knew.

Biola’s current actions validated his decision to leave her. Earlier that day he was jittery and not sure he was making the right decision but Biola’s display of desperation in the male toilet made him confirm he was marrying the right person.

“I’m sorry Biola… I am sorry but we are not meant for each other”, he said to her moving towards the door.

“But …what…about…what…about” she tried to get the words out but tears and anguish wouldn’t let her. There were a thousand questions she had to ask him but they were trapped in her and she couldn’t get them out no matter how much she tried. She just sat on the toilet floor crying and calling on Greg but he was not there, he was gone… forever.

The wedding ceremony went on smoothly; everything went as planned and the couple was officially married. The reception followed immediately in a beautifully decorated hall just five buildings away from the cathedral. The party started fine with good music and happiness in the air, the newest couple in town was introduced and everybody was in a celebratory mood until a gun was fired.

Biola sneaked into the venue firing a shotgun at the ceiling sending everyone into a frenzy at once; she had finally lost her mind or so she felt.

“Where are you…? Greg!!! Stop hiding and come out, I’m not going to hurt you… I just want you to tell me that you don’t love me in front of all these people… come out!” she screamed and fired another shot.

Fear permeated the entire place and some elderly women silently cried and called on God but it was all so funny to Biola so she began to laugh and laugh so hard that tears dropped from her eyes.

“Greg… you are wasting my time, better come out now!!” she fired again and Greg appeared before her humbled by fear with his hands up.

“Please, Biola take it easy… I did not mean to hurt you”, she filled up a glass with champagne and gulped it all at once as he begged. “I am sorry Biola. I am”, he continued

“If you are sorry then…”

“Drop your weapon ma’am… we ask that you drop your weapon”, the police interrupted her, she was expecting them but not so soon

“We would not ask again… drop your weapon”, she looked at the policemen, their faces with firm expressions, all pointing a gun at her and she began to laugh. She laughed and laughed and laughed until the gun fell from her hands. It was a fake gun; a fake gun with all the effects of a real gun.

She bought it when she found her two hundred pounds hidden somewhere in her purse. She wanted to do something to disrupt Greg’s wedding. She and the gun were taken away by the policemen to the station.

After spending hours at the police station answering what felt like a thousand questions and writing her statement over and over again, she was now both internally and externally exhausted and begged them to let her go but she was ignored.

As she waited in the interrogation room a policewoman came in to take her details for the thousandth time and reminded her that she had one phone call if she wanted to call her family or lawyer.

“I have no one to call, I just want to get out of this stupid country”, she retorted

“Then why are you in this ‘stupid country’ in the first place?” the policewoman asked

“I came to see my boyfriend” Biola responded with a lost gaze

“Oh really! You have a boyfriend?”, the policeman was surprised

“Yes… not anymore, he got married today”.

“Oooooh!” the policewoman put things together and quickly grasped what led Biola to her actions. She sat down and let Biola explain her entire situation to her from the time they first met and she was very sympathetic towards Biola, she even hugged her when she cried.

“You know what? I’ll help you get out of here but you have to promise me you are going back home and not going to make any trouble… if not you will be jailed and eventually deported”, the policewoman proposed

“I don’t care if I am deported, I just want to go back home”

“I will help you but you have to pass a mental evaluation test first”. Biola agreed to do everything the woman asked her to do and she was let go after passing the mental evaluation test. The policewoman took responsibility for her and signed as her guardian until it was time for her to leave.

Biola went home with her. “What is your name?” Biola asked her as she drove them home “Mary”, she responded with a soft smile

“Thank you very much for your kindness Mary, it will come back to you”.

It was evening; Biola had been sitting in one position like a frozen person in a small park behind Mary’s house. It was time for the park to close and security was letting everyone know it was time to leave. She left the park and decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. As she walked along a busy street with many stores and a couple of restaurants, she stopped in front of a cafe contemplating whether she should go in for a cup of tea but the contemplation disappeared when one signage caught her attention. It read MADAME DELORIS: All your dreams will come true.

She gravitated towards the store that possessed the signage. The entrance was a curtain made of exotic beads and as she parted it slightly to peep in, a female voice invited her in. The voice was very sweet and melted all her troubles away at that moment. The voice invited her in again and she obeyed.

It was a very dark room with dark furniture but the punctuation of red and orange brought some sort of odd beauty to the room. Biola was busy looking around when she was ordered to sit; her eyes finally beheld the owner of the voice. If she was the last thing Biola ever saw in her life then she would have been satisfied.

She watched Biola intently with her greenish-blue eyes shaped like that of a powerful female tiger and her hair wrapped around her head like a very long and big shiny black python. Her face was filled with freckles and she had a skin that glowed in the dark. The dim lights went off for a couple of seconds and Biola did not understand how she could still notice the woman’s glowing skin in the dark. She was Madame Deloris, a spirit talker as she was known by a privileged few.

“Sit down darling”, she repeated with the voice of healing. Biola identified a seat in front of the woman and sat down.

“So what is your own pain?” the woman asked putting a tall glass of water on the table. Biola was still carried away by her beauty and failed to answer the question until she was asked the second time.

“Tell me your pain in one sentence” the woman leaned in pushing the glass of water towards Biola

“The love of my life got married to another woman today”, tears welled up in her eyes

“No no no… no tears in Madame Deloris place, only laughter, and smiles… Drink up, you are thirsty”, her smiled creating dimples on both her cheeks. “What do you want?” she asked Biola and without hesitation, Biola responded, “I want him back”. Madame Deloris gave her a sharp look.

“Madame Deloris will never control a heart to want what it doesn’t… it can lead to darkness and death… what do you want? Anything… for yourself, your desire for you” she undid her hair. Biola watched her rich beautiful hair drop to the ground covering part of her face thereby making her eyes more prominent. Biola did not know when she spoke the words “I want that…” still looking at her, “I want beauty… I want to be beautiful”  

Deloris smiled “you are unique…very different… nobody has ever asked for beauty, they only ask for wealth, power, children and more wealth” she disappeared into a back door and came back with a small bottle filled with a clear liquid.

“When you go home, describe the kind of body you want on a piece of paper and say the words ‘my body is perfect three times’… drink this” she handed Biola the bottle.

“In all this, you must wear no piece of clothing”

“What is the price?” Biola asked wondering what she was about to get herself into.

“You will have the beauty of seven mermaids combined but you will have no heart… you will possess no heart!”, her answer stunned Biola who immediately put the bottle back on the table and attempted to get up.

“Give Madame Deloris your pain and take away happiness”, her hand was stretched out towards Biola.

As Biola looked at her, vivid memories of the past few days started flashing in her mind like she was watching it on a projector. A wave of sudden anger began to heat up her chest.

“I am not good looking enough for him,” she thought then picked up the bottle.

“Now go!! Leave now!! Before he asks for your firstborn!!” Madame Deloris shouted and Biola left as quickly as possible. She believed she was crazy but didn’t care; what Greg did to her had turned her lifelong desire for beauty into desperation. With the potion Madame Deloris gave her, her desire will be a reality soon.