Biola Kila

Biola Kila: (EPISODE 2): Beautiful Greg

The moment Greg was close enough she fell into his arms with the last energy she had and held him very tight like she was receiving life from his body. He held her long enough to make sure her stamina was okay before pulling away

“What are you doing here?” his calmness frightened her as if he was a totally different person.

She touched his face and held his hand “I missed you… I missed you so much, so I came to see you, honey… I can go and come back after the party; my luggage is not much I can just wait…”

“You shouldn’t have come, Biola” he interrupted her.

“Why shouldn’t I have come? I came to see you, Greg… I love you and I missed you so much”, a desperate smile appeared on her face.“We can finally do all the things that we talked about doing together with her. I saw Big Ben on my way here, it is fantastic”

Greg tried to stop her from talking but she kept going on and on about the things they were going to do together for the next week

“Biola… listen!” he yelled and she became quiet “I am getting married”.

They were quiet for about a minute searching each other’s eyes, “this is not a good time; I will come back after the party… I mean you have a lot of guests and you just want them to go before…” Biola rambled on in denial until Greg interrupted her again and repeated himself but before he could even finish his sentence she slapped him and hit his chest continuously as if it was going to soften his heart.

While Greg dated Biola in Nigeria he met someone in London, he loved both of them but the girl in London was someone he felt he could be with, she looked the way he wanted his woman to look; lean tall very fair and she studied abroad with him. He had wanted to break up with Biola numerous times during his last visit but the beauty that emanated from her soul wouldn’t let him. He forgot about the other girl every time he was with her. He knew he was going to do it eventually but he never in his wildest imagination thought that she was going to appear a day before his wedding.

“Look at me and tell me you want to throw away everything we have… everything we have shared together for someone you have only known for a few months!” Biola was desperate but it was like ice had glazed over Greg’s heart, he wasn’t moved by any form of emotion not even embarrassment for the way Biola was behaving outside. “Tell me!!! You never loved me and I will walk away forever!” but Greg was quiet. Through the entire ordeal, he didn’t say a word and didn’t even explain why he did what he did. He knew that the words “I am getting married” had crushed her enough and more words from him would do worse things.

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He offered to give her a place to stay and hire a car to take her to the airport the next day but she declined and just walked away, trekking on the streets without thinking of where she was going to. She was numb and didn’t feel a thing the entire hour that she trekked. She stopped at Elephant and Castle train station, everything hit her afresh and she broke down to tears. She leaned against a wall and slowly sank to the floor, cried for hours then slept off.

The sound of car engines, footsteps of early morning commuters going in and out of the train station and the early morning sunshine blazing on her face pulled her out of her nightmare. She woke up briskly still thinking that the night before was all a dream but to her dismay, it wasn’t.

She breathed a sigh of anguish noticing a couple of coins in front of her mostly pence.

“They think I am a beggar”, the thought brought out a weak giggle from her as she picked them and got up.

Walking around under the sun was somehow soothing for her. She did not know why but it was, maybe it was the sound of kids playing with their parents in the park or the tall beautiful buildings surrounding her. She got to Elephant and Castle shopping Mall and freshened up in the bathroom.

Her mind was free, she hadn’t thought about Greg all morning and not having a place to stay for the next two weeks wasn’t even a bother to her at the time. She didn’t even realize that she was in a country that she had never been before and all the excitement she had when she first entered the country had gone, she had no interest in site seeing.

“A cup of tea,” she said to a salesgirl in a small coffee shop

“One pound fifty” the lady announced as she stretched the cup of tea towards her.

Biola searched her bag for money but nothing was there, the two hundred pounds she kept in her bag was gone. She struggled to stop herself from getting upset over the money and was about to walk away without the cup of tea when she remembered the coins she had picked up; it was just enough to pay for the cup of tea.

Sitting on a bench under a tree in a beautiful park, she dialed Doshima’s number and told her all that had happened. “I won’t go into details now but yes… he is getting married today”, she breathed deeply as if talking about it stopped the air from going into her lungs. She managed to convince a shocked Doshima to wait for her to return before getting to know the details of it all.

“I need some money”, Biola said casually expecting her friend to lend her some without hesitation.

“Biola you know I warned you about this trip…” Doshima’s comment stunned Biola but she remained calm after all she was the beggar in this situation and had no choice.

After scolding her, Doshima told her to look for another alternative; that she didn’t have money to lend her and ended the call before Biola could even try to persuade her further. Biola called and called and called but Doshima did not answer any of Biola’s phone calls from then on. It was hard to bear

“I won’t cry today… I won’t” she said to herself thinking of her predicament

She sat down there watching the children play in the park and lovers enjoying breakfast as well. She wondered why watching them didn’t make her cry. Then all of a sudden a splitting headache hit her from the realization that Greg was preparing to go get married that morning. Thinking of how to scatter the wedding, she stood up and decided to go to Greg’s house to cause a catastrophe. But with no money, she wasn’t sure how she was going to achieve it. “There is always a way,” she thought.

After being ejected from two buses she walked as fast as she could while trying to remember the route she had used a night before when she left Greg’s house but she soon realized that she walked a long way from his house. She didn’t want to give up so she started asking strangers who were nice enough to show her the correct and shortest route. She finally reached the house which she quickly identified with the decorated cars parked in front of it.

The knot that appeared in her stomach the night before had shown its non-pleasant face again. It was as if the scene was going to replay itself only this time she knew everything that was going to happen. She wiped the sweat off her face and arranged herself to look the tiniest bit attractive to him then knocked on the door. A lady answered they looked at each other both wondering what was going on

“How may I help you?” the lady had full make-up done with a bathrobe on asked

“I am here to see Greg… Gregory Lar” Biola wondered if she was the so-called bride to be

“Oh… Greg… he is not here, he and his bride decided to exchange homes today. She is getting ready here while he gets ready at her apartment”. She noticed the disappointment in Biola’s face and asked kindly

“Are you one of his guests from Nigeria?” Biola found herself nodding

“I am his distant cousin”, it was like her mouth had a life of its own

“Oh really? A relative!” the lady lit up with excitement “come in… please come in” she offered with a bright smile. Biola declined but the lady insisted, “at least say hi to the bride before you leave”, she begged.  Biola resisted the urge to strangle her for a second before accepting the offer.

The bride was to put it in one sentence “an intimidating beauty”. For the most part of the introduction, Biola was speechless and incoherent. It was when she heard the door slam that she grasped that the entire introduction session was over.

Pondering what she even said to them she started walking back to the train station, “so this is the person Greg left me for” she said to herself repeatedly until she reached Elephant and Castle train station. As she thought about begging people for money to transport herself to the wedding venue, a strong and intense feeling of despair grabbed her and made her immobile for a couple of minutes. She leaned on a wall beside an off-license store.

Biola was shattered; her entire world was crashing right before her. It had finally dawned on her that Greg was gone. He was not hers anymore perhaps; he never was. She stood there staring into space and questioning how she was going to live through each day without Greg; wondering if there was even a future at all to get to.

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