Biola Kila

Biola Kila (Episode 1): Beautiful Biola

Biola Adeyemi laid down on her 6 spring bed in her small but comfortable bedroom sleeping the morning away. It was 6:00 am but the sun was already out and heating up; then the alarm rang and startled her as usual. As she pulled her chubby body to sit up, she wondered why she had not gotten used to the sound of the alarm clock after 3 months. She picked up her phone and dialed, as she waited for the person on the other side to answer the call she got out of bed and started looking through her wardrobe for an outfit.

“Hello” a male voice answered “I am already up” he continued.

He was Biola’s Boyfriend, the love of her life, the only man she had ever loved and planned to spend the rest of her life with. His name was Greg…Gregory Lar.

“I just got up myself… so, no hassle” she said looking at herself in the mirror as she held up a dress.

Greg had a morning flight to London and she was looking for the sexiest thing in her wardrobe to wear. He lived in London and visited her once every 2 months and in those two months apart they constantly chatted and talked on the phone, they were virtually inseparable.

An hour later, they were both on their way to the airport; Biola did everything to fight back tears successfully until Greg said, “I want to move back to Nigeria… I am tired of being away from you for months at a stretch. It is getting too hard for me to deal with”. The sincerity in his eyes when he said those words made Biola give in to the tears.

She cried all the way to the airport and back. She was also tired of missing him for that long; waiting for months at a time just to see him again for only a couple of weeks was hard to do.

“What do you think about marriage, do you think that you can spend the rest of your life with me?” he asked her as he wiped the tears off her face.

“I… I… I…” the joy the question gave her made her stutter “I mean I love you and I certainly want to love you for the rest of my life” a smile slowly beamed through her tears.

Biola and Greg met about a year ago, Biola was instantly smitten from the moment she met him. Greg was tall 6 ft. 4 with a very nice fair complexion, his body was built and hard for someone who did not work out regularly and he was very handsome with a majestic aura. It was very intoxicating that some girls could not help themselves and they flirted shamelessly with him whether they had husbands or not.

Biola knew that Greg was way out of her league when they met, she wasn’t a typical beauty but she had some distinctive features that where attractive like her full perfectly shaped pink lips, her height she was tall about 5 ft. 8, her beautiful smooth dark skin and even though she was chubby she had good charisma and carried herself with confidence whether she felt it or not.

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It was a mutual friend’s pool party and the chair beside her was the only chair left so he was forced to sit down beside her. She tried not to look at him but it was so hard that she just decided to talk to him first after all he was out of her league and would never ask her out. They had a good chat and even danced together, Biola was a very good dancer; she planned to swim at the party but Greg’s Devastating swag made her self-conscious so she just decided to follow him around, cater to him and party with him.

She was happy when he offered to drop her off at home “finally! Some time alone with him” she thought but when they got into the car he pinned the doors and immediately started groping her, all she wanted was time alone with him for some nice memorable conversation.

“Stop it! What the hell are you doing?” she pushed him away viciously and attacked him like a cat leaving several scratches on his face. Before he could say anything she was out the door and running towards a cab she swiftly hailed. This all happened under a minute and left Greg breathless.

After that day Greg started looking for her everywhere, he searched and inquired as his life depended on it; at some point, his friends thought that he was bewitched

“I honestly don’t know what is wrong with me… I can’t stop thinking about her; maybe I have actually been bewitched”.

On this very day when the Earth aligned perfectly with planet Venus, he saw her checking out at a supermarket and ran after her.

The moment she saw him she walked faster but Greg was faster “I am not a rapist” were the first words that came out of his mouth when he held her arm to stop her; she pulled away and continued walking but he held her back again this time a little tighter.

“Please just give me a minute” he begged with a seductive smirk on his face

“What!” she refused to look at him.

He had never experienced anything like that with any woman before; every woman he touched had turned into a weakling with his touch and even if they did not want him to they always succumbed to his seductive charm. So the thought of someone thinking that he was a rapist ate out his ego and he couldn’t bear it. He had no problem getting any woman he wanted and he desperately wanted to clarify things for Biola. He persuaded Biola enough to have lunch with him and that was how their friendship began then a couple of months later it became a love story.

Biola sat in her cubicle staring at her computer, her thoughts taking her from place to place “angry boss is calling you” a female voice startled her. It was Doshima her best friend

“Oh my god. Is he really calling me?” panicking

“No, he is not” Doshima responded with a mischievous smile

“Go away jor” Biola was very relieved because the angry boss was a terrorist in the office and everyone avoided him as much as possible.

“So what’s up?” Doshima sat on Biola’s desk

“I think I am engaged”

“What!!” Doshima covered her mouth to stop a scream

They looked around to see if anyone heard and made their way outside to continue their discussion.

“Hey! Clerk! Boss is calling you” Doshima said to the office clerk Efe Johnson on their way out

“Which one of them?” Efe asked but Doshima did not respond even though she heard her question.

Efe was the office clerk who no one spoke to, being a melancholy made things even worse; she did not care for fashion and beauty and mostly had a gloomy appearance which drove people away from her.

“Mr. Adewole is the one calling you” Biola responded.

At six months old Biola was the newest staff in the Bank, it was a microfinance bank and she worked in the risk management unit.

“Okay before we start, I am not officially engaged… Greg asked me if I would like to marry him and he said that he was going to move back to Nigeria” Biola explained

“So what are you waiting for? Someone to smack you in the head and tell you that you guys are going to get married? To me, you are as good as engaged” Doshima exhumed happiness for her friend.

“I want to surprise him in London next week” Biola beamed at the thought of surprising Greg.

She had it all planned out, the following week was their official one year anniversary and she gathered her entire life savings which were enough to buy a plane ticket and one night of accommodation

“How will you afford the rest of your stay there?” Doshima had an unsure expression

“I will stay with him so I won’t have to pay for accommodation and he will take care of other bills… oh…wait and one more thing… I planned to give him my flower”

“Oh my God!! You are going to give him your virginity? What about waiting till you get married?” Doshima was surprised at these new plans popping up

“We are already going to get married so why wait” the sheepish smile on Biola’s face was contagious

“Okay, I see you have this planned out… how long will you be there for?”

 “Two weeks I think”

“Better come back officially engaged or else” Doshima threatened her humorously.

“Take off your shoes” the immigration security commanded, Biola quickly took off her shoes and went past the security doors

“What do you have in your bag?” another security asked, a woman this time; Biola listed everything that was in her small bag innocently and the woman smiled and asked again “hope you are not traveling light so that you can go and bring all the load in the UK here?”

“No ma, I am not staying long that is why”.

When the plane was fully boarded Biola smiled deeply almost laughing, she imagined Greg’s pleasantly surprised expression when he sees her “perfect anniversary present” she thought to herself. The flight felt less than six hours because she slept all through the flight and felt very refreshed as she stood on the long immigration cue.

She took a cab to the hotel, she showered, ate and saw a movie; at night it was very hard for her to sleep because her stomach was bursting of excitement, she could barely sit still so she decided to go and surprise him that night. It was a night before their anniversary and also a Friday, so she believed that he would be up late. She called a cab, counted her last two hundred pounds in twenty and fifty-pound notes, packed her things and checked out of the hotel.

When she got to the address she typed in her phone, she was a bit confused because she noticed that the apartment that was supposed to be Greg’s had loud music playing in it and a good number of people going in and out of it

“Is there a party here or something?” she asked the cab man like he lived there

“It looks like it … maybe a birthday or something” he politely answered

“Oh yes!!!” she remembered that Greg had a flatmate and it was probably his flat mate’s birthday.

She took her carryon luggage, handbag and paid the cabman. A nut suddenly appeared in her stomach to the point that she almost threw up but she held her self-composure and walked towards the front door. As she approached the door, she saw a nice looking approachable dude and asked him if he knew Greg

“Gregory Lar?” she nodded

“Sure I do, you are here for his bachelor’s party yeah?”

“What do you mean?” Biola did not understand the question. It sounded like a foreign language

“I mean are you here to attend his bachelor’s party?”

“Why is he having a bachelor’s party?” the innocence in her eyes when she asked confused the guy so much that he stopped himself from giving her a sarcastic answer

“Because he is getting married”

“My Greg?”

“Uuuuuh Gregory Lar… is the one…”

The words were like a strong wave that came to sweep her into the ocean so she blanked out; she could neither see nor hear anything that was going on around her and when she got herself back, she noticed tears rolling down her cheeks. When she attempted to wipe them away, her eyes caught Greg looking at her from a near distance. The blood in her body started to evaporate, she felt like the life in her was slowly slipping away and Greg was her only source of life.

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