Allison Saves Stopped United Winning Record

English Premier League leaders Manchester United and Liverpool clashed in what should be considered the most anticipated Sunday game. Allison Becker was able to take all Manchester United shots to ensure his side’s home record still stands.

Allison Becker’s Saves Ensure Liverpool Arnfield Record still Stands

Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba had their chances thwarted by the second-half heroics of keeper Alisson Becker as the game ended goalless draw with champions Liverpool.

Allison Saves Stopped United Winning Record 1
Liverpool vs Manchester United, Febinho and Martial

The Brazilian who is the man if the match stuck out his foot to block Bruno Fernandes’ strike and then stood tall to save Paul Pogba’s. The match failed to live up to the hype it was high on intensity, but both attacks found it difficult to pierce determined defenses at Anfield.

Manchester United goalie David de Gea was also good in post as he blacked Thiago Alcantara and Mohamed Salah’s efforts. Manchester United skipper was also superb as he deflected Roberto Firmino’s effort.

Following tonight’s result Manchester United still top Liverpool with three points and should Manchester City win Crystal Palace in Sunday’s late game (19:15 GMT), they will be just two points behind Manchester United with a game in hand.

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