Gombe, nicknamed ‘’The Jewel of Excellence’’ is an interesting state to visit in the Northern part of Nigeria. The northeastern state also has Gombe as its capital city. The state was created out of the old Bauchi state by the Sanni Abacha military government. Gombe is bordered by many states, which are Borno, Yobe, Taraba, Adamawa and Bauchi. The state has an area of 20,265 km sq. which encompasses the 11 Local Government Areas of the state. You’ll have a nice time visiting the Local Government Areas namely, Akko, Balanga, Billiri, Dukku, Funakaye, Gombe, Kaltungo, Kwami, Nafada, Shongom and Yamaltu/Deba.


You can access the Jewel of Excellence by road through its numerous borders. Gombe Lawanti International Airport is the main airport serving the state. It is the destination for tourists and travelers coming to the state via the air route. It is also a point of travel for travelers to other parts of the globe, especially Saudi Arabia for Muslim pilgrims.


While visiting this Northern territory, make sure you bring along your luggage (for travelers), sun shades, hat/face cap (for the scorching sun), camera, a covering shawl for female (in respect of the local traditions), and journals to write down facts about the historical sites.


A Travel Guide To Gombe State 1

The Emir of Gombe Palace is a place of interest for tourists. It is located at Dukku Road, By PDP road roundabout, Gombe. The palace is an architectural masterpiece. It was built by the 10th Emir of Gombe, Shehu Usman Abubakar. The Palace houses the Emir of Gombe who is the traditional and religious head of the Gombe Emirate. It also serves as an avenue for durbar, the tradition of holding court and formal reception.

Another significant place to visit in Gombe is the Mbormi Battle Ground. It is located at Nafada, Gombe. This is one of the five Nigerian sites that have been enlisted into the World Islamic Heritage sites alongside Hubbaren Shehu, Gobarau Minaret, Sheikh Alimi Mosque Complex, and Fanisau Palace Mosque. The Mbormi battle ground is the final spot of the defeat and annihilation of the famed Sokoto Caliphate. This site is of significance, both in religious and historical perspectives.

Situated in Lawanti village is the Gombe Lawanti International Airport. It is located along the Bauchi-Gombe Road, Lawanti, Gombe. The airport is one place tourists from abroad cannot but visit. The airport was certified for flights in 2008 and serves Gombe and the Northern Nigeria axis. It was recently upgraded to international status. Airlines in the airport now flies cross-continent, making stops at countries such as Saudi Arabia for Muslim pilgrims.

You’ll definitely have a great time visiting other places such as the Gombe State University, Federal Girls College and other places in the state. A tour of the Emirate, during your vacation, is something you won’t forget so quickly. Maximum security is guaranteed in this Northeastern part, so you should come visiting with your families and friends, especially if you are a Muslim.

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