Three Dishes from Northern Nigerian you have to try.

Three dishes every food lover ought to try. Do you have an undying thirst for trying out new dishes? Nigerians are renowned for their exotic foods and drinks and the Northern part is no exception. These three dishes which you must try the next time you visit north.


Three Dishes; Gurasa

Gurasa is a type of popular local bread sold in the northern parts of Nigeria especially Kano. It is made from basically the same ingredients as your regular “Bread” I.e  flour or wheat depending on what you prefer.

The natives of the north in earlier times started off eating gurasa with a “Miyan taushe”(Pumpkin soup) but a wide variety is other combinations have a been adopted. Gurasa can be eaten with yaji(pepper), grounded kuli-kuli or a stew sauce garnished diced meat or fish. These special additions enhanced its taste. Dry Gurasa can even be eaten with a warm beverage just as you eat tea and bread. 

Masa (Waina)

Three Dishes; Masa

Mass or waina is another dish that is popular in Northern Nigeria, its  it is made from short grain rice known as ” tuwon Shinkafa” (tuwon rice)by the Hausas.  Just like Gurasa, Masa is consumed with pumpkin soup(Miyan taushe), or yaji.

It is sometimes laced with grounded kuli-kuli and onions to make it more appealing to the eyes and the mouth. Masa is found in almost every northern Nigerian state and has gained popularity over the years. It has gone from being sold in corner of the streets to indoor luxury restaurants.

Danwake (Beans dumplings).

Three Dishes; Danwake

Dan wake is another indigenous meal of the Hausas. It is made by thoroughly mixing beans flour with water until you achieve a perfect and consistent batter or paste. Then you roll them into little balls and drop into already boiling water. Boil for 5 minutes and you have your dish.

There’s not much too preparing Dan wake. In fact, when eaten without any soup, it is pretty much tasteless and it depends heavily on spices, vegetables, cabbages eggs, meat, fish which helps to accentuate its taste. It is served in a bowl and groundnut oil is sprinkled on it with a little grounded pepper(yaji).

So next time you’re in the north consider giving ice cream, pizzas and shawarma rest. Whether you’re visiting Kano, Kaduna, Katsina or Kebbi make sure you give these three dishes a try if you have never tasted any before. You may never eat another slice of pizza again.


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