Will Smith Suffer 10 Major Loses for Slapping Chris Rock

Following the recent outburst of Hollywood famous actor, Will Smith in the 2022 Oscars Award where he slept and follow a celebrity because of the comment the person made about his ex-wife, the actor has reportedly lost ten major things in his life.

Will Smith slept of the master of ceremony of the event in the person of Chris Rock for making a joke about his ex-wife’s condition. The 53-year-old however came out to apologize but they have been a series of punishments lashed at him because of the poor conduct.

2022 Oscars: Will Smith Banned For 10 Years

He was banned from attending any event organized by Hollywood for ten years but aside from that, they are ten other things the actor has lost for just that act. Below are ten of the things he lost due to the slap on Chris Rock.

Ten Things Will Smith Lost for Slapping Chris Rock

1- His Biography movies have been placed on hold until further notice

2- Will Smith will not be getting any big movies for now as major producers in Hollywood are avoiding him.

3- He can not be voted for in the Oscar Award for now

4- His movie Bad Boys which he is acting with Lawrence Martins is now placed on hold and so can not be produced anything soon.

5-Fast and Loose Netflix Original is canceled

6- His movie I am a Legend 2 has been taken from him and his role was given to Michael B. Jordan

7- Bell Air the reboot of Fresh Prince is getting serious criticism

8- His wife who he carried the act for criticized him in an interview recently as she said he overacted and exaggerated the whole thing.

9- He was fired from the Academic of Science and Cinematic Art.

10- To make matters worse, his wife’s boyfriend is about to make millions from the whole story.

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