Why You Should Make “Giving Compliments” A Habit

Giving compliments is one of the cheapest things you could indulge in; it is an activity that leaves both the giver and receiver happy. Praises, they say, goes a long way, and that is so true. When last did you receive commendation? And how did it make you feel?.

But in our world today, when everyone seems to be very busy with their various problems and routine, we seem to forget to notice the people around us. It is essential to take some time to see the people around you and pay them compliments, and this simple act can spread positivity. Complimenting is a habit that helps boost the confidence of both the receiver and giver.

Making “Giving Compliments” a habit leave us feeling good, both giving and receiving them; the feeling of being noticed and appreciated is surreal, and it’s a basic human need. Admiring someone is one of the fundamental rules of building any relationship, either with a spouse, friend, co-worker e.t.c. It is one of the things that make us want to corporate with each other.

Complimenting someone could be a conversation starter; it makes the receiver feel warm and open up. Researchers have established that the same feeling we get when receiving monetary gifts is the same feeling we get when we receive a compliment. We have the power to make someone have a good day at no cost whatsoever, so I urge us to utilize that ability beginning today.

On my way to work one gloomy morning, a random lady walked up to me and said, “you are pretty, and I love the way you styled your hair”, to be honest, that statement made my day. I strutted with a different kind of confidence that day. Now imagine more people like that lady in the world, imagine the number of people who would be strutting with confidence like me. More people would walk taller, with their heads held high.

Spreading Positivity
Spreading Positivity

Things To Take Note Of On Your Journey Of Making “Giving Compliments” A Habit

Be honest

A compliment wouldn’t mean anything if it isn’t genuine. Before giving praise, ensure that whatever quality you notice in a person, whether in their appearance or skills, exists. Don’t just compliment someone because you want to, and don’t exaggerate a compliment. If a compliment is genuine, it hits the receiver different.

Be positive

When you are giving compliments, be careful, so it doesn’t come off as an insult rather than a compliment. For example, “I didn’t know you could pull that dress off”, there is a compliment in that statement, and there is also a hidden slander. The goal is to make someone happy, not to make them second guess themselves.

Be specific

If you admire someone’s appearance, skills, talents, or personality, it would mean more if you pinpoint the exact thing you admire in that person and tell them about it. So instead of saying something like “I like the way you are dressed”, which to me sounds vague, say, “I love how you paired that blouse with the skirt; it looks terrific on you”. It might sound like so much work but imagine someone being specific with their compliments; it simply means the person was thoughtful enough to notice you.

However, it is one thing to give a compliment, and it’s another to receive them. Some of us don’t know how to receive a commendation. We blow it off by stating our insecurities, or we think it’s a lie. All you are doing is robbing yourself of that happiness and positivity the person giving the compliment is trying to pass across; I urge you to accept that compliment with a simple “thank you”. Like I always say, go into the world, spread positivity and always strive to be the sunshine on someone’s cloudy day.

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