Why Manchester United Fans are Protesting

Manchester United fans took to the front of Old Trafford to protest a long-standing campaign against the Glazer family since the Americans’ controversial leveraged takeover of the club in 2005. The protest was so massive that it stopped the game between Mancherster United and Liverpool which was supposed to hold.

Why Manchester United Fans Are Protesting

Recently, the head coach of Manchester United Ole Gunnar Solskjaer spoke to United fans who entered the club’s training ground to protest against the club’s ownners. Also, the club’s co-chairman Joel Glazer spoke on wake of the European Super League collapsing, he said the club “apologised unreservedly” but the Manchester United fans said they now have “zero trust in the owners”.

The Good and Bad Side of Manchester United Fans Protest

Joel Glazer also said both him and his family have shown time and again that their sole motivation is personal profit at the expense of our football club. United Muppetiers podcaster Mike Parrott said prior to the game being postponed that he dose not think the protest is not the right thing to do. According to him, it has some bad sides as well as it has good sides too.

He said breaking cameras, breaking glass and rushing the stadium, all these terrible things are not what Manchester United fans want to be associated with. They shouldn’t be doing it whatsoever. I don’t think this conveys a message that they want the 50+1 fan ownership, which was the original idea. It hasn’t really worked in my eyes he added.

One of the fans protesting said: “When they [the Glazers] came in 2005, the club wasn’t in any debt, a few years later you’re talking £400m in debt.”You look at the stadium, it’s a beautiful stadium but there is rust, it’s falling apart and they just don’t care at all, there’s no communication with the fans.”They said they would communicate with the fans but last week there was a supporters’ community meeting, they didn’t go.”I think we are doing this in the best possible way.”

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