Wayne Rooney Wants Lionel Messi at Manchester

Wayne Rooney Asked Messi to Join either Manchester United or Manchester City

Former Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney has tipped Lionel Messi to join Manchester United, reports have it that the player is most likely to come to the English Premier League. Former Manchester United and Everton skipper have said Messi should choose Manchester United as his preferred team to join.

This couple of days have not been very nice for Barcelona fans as their star player told them he is set to leave the club after a long period of about 20-years. The 33-year-old said he is not sure about his future with the Spanish side and so he wants to leave. Ever since he made the statement his future at Barcelona has been the major discussion among football pundits and fans in the world having handed Barcelona chiefs a transfer request.

Since Lionel Messi told Barcelona chiefs that he wants to leave, the club’s fans in Spain have been protesting that the Catalans’ board under Bartomeu must keep the Argentine. But it seems that the club is not getting the breakthrough on how they can convince Lionel Messi to change his decision and stay at the Camp Nou.

Recently it was gathered that Messi’s father was in England negotiating a possible move for his son to the English Premier League, Wayne Rooney who was a prolific striker while playing for Manchester United has now suggested that Lionel Messi would win another Ballon d’Or should he come to Manchester United.

The former England international stated that playing alongside Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba or Kevin De Bruyne will help Lionel Messi to land his seventh Ballon d’Or. Rooney’s assertion means that he wants Messi to join Manchester City or his former club Manchester United.

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