Wayne Rooney Compliant Case Dropped

Former Manchester United star player Wayne Rooney submitted a complaint of blackmail to the police sometime earlier this week. The former England footballer reported a range of photos taken of him to police, as his lawyers have said. The images, which were shared on social media, the Derby County manager was not comfortable with the picture because of how it was taken.

Wayne Rooney Compliant Case Dropped 1
Wayne Rooney Compliant Case Dropped 3

In the pictures, he was asleep in a chair, and unknown women were posing beside him. It is not known when the images were taken, and there is no suggestion Rooney has behaved in any way inappropriately. According to reports, the British police has dropped the case.

Cheshire Police received the complaint from Rooney on Monday regarding the images, which were shared widely online. The police said they are satisfied that no offences had taken place. Also, Wayne Rooney said he did not wish to take any; further, the force added.

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