Watford signs Pochettino

English Sky Bet Championship side Watford have completes the signing of former Arsenal lagend Dennis Bergkamp’s son Mitchel Bergkamp and Mauricio Pochettino’s son Maurizio Pochettino.

Watford Sign Mitchel Bergkamp and Maurizio Pochettino

Watford dropped to the Championship side after failing to escape relegation in the 2019/20 English Premier League season. Watford signed the two respective personalities sons with the hope to take a step towards coming back to the English Premier League.

Watford Signs Pochettino
Maurizio Pochettino an Mitchel Bergkamp

Dennis Bergkamp’s son Mitchel Bergkamp is just 22-years-old and currently plays for Ajax. He signed a six-month contract with Watford’s under-23s less than 24 hours after Maurizio who is 19-years-old. Dennis son is an attacking midfielder.

Watford Released a statement saying: “An attacking midfielder, a No.10 who likes to keep possession, create chances and score goals.” Mitchel Bergkamp said: “It’s just my name, and I’m my own player, and hopefully I can leave my own legacy.”

Maurizio left the North London side after his father was sacked as Tottenham head coach. The Barcelona-born Argentine will hope to launch his career to the next level at Watford alongside his potential team Mitchel Bergkamp.

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