Van Dijk is Over Rated, Defenders of Old did even Better

Well, this might sound way too wrong but really Vigil Van Dijk who currently the best defender in the is over rated. I might not be right to say he is highly over rated but at least I will be right to say he is over rated. The Dutch man no doubt is a very good player with great qualities but is football federation absolutely right to have given him the player in world and not just the best defender in the world award?

In this article we will be looking at how right or wrong the earlier statement which is Van Dijk is over rated. We will be drawing our facts from the past defenders. See if they the defensive role has been neglected before now only to get recognition now. Vigil Van Dijk who is currently the best defender in the world has been no doubt effective in the defensive role and has been a great plus to the current Champions League winners Liverpool.  

Van Dijk vs Vidic head to head stats

Van Dijk Is Over Rated, Defenders Of Old Did Even Better

Van Dijk who started his football career with Groningen before moving to Celtic and then English Premier league side Southampton. He signed for Liverpool in 2017 and since then he has been in top form. His preference has attracted lots of attention and many club sides looking to sign him.

Before now there have been great defenders who did even more than what Van Dijk is doing now. Were they cheated or was Van Dijk lucky break out in a time when the defensive role gained prominence? The likes of Namaja Vidic, John Terry, Puyol, Rio Ferdinand, Sketel among others were doing very good in their various clubs. One question to look at to get an answer will be “were the attackers of those days worse than the ones now”?

Van Dijk vs John Terry head to head stats

Van Dijk Is Over Rated, Defenders Of Old Did Even Better

Also another question to answer will be “are the current defenders doing so bad that only the few that are doing well can be recognized”? We will look at the questions and then give answers to whether or not our earlier statement is true or false.

Were the Attackers of those days worse than the ones now?

To answer this, we will try to list the top class attackers of those days and then compare them to the ones today before linking it with the defenders. In the EPL there were attackers like Dider Drogba, Wayne Rooney, Michael Owen, Demitre Babetov, Fernando Torres, Robin Van Persie, Thiery Henry so on.

Now let’s see the attackers of today in EPL, Aguero, Harry Kane, Mohammed Salah, Aubameyang, Raheem Starling, Sadio Mane Mahrez among others. From this list of attackers is obvious the current attackers cannot be compared to the attackers of those days’ attackers of those days. So now this leads us to the next question.    

 Are the current Defenders doing so bad that only the few that are doing can be recognized?

From records the likes of Manchester United duos Vedic and Ferdinand with Chelsea duos John Tarry and Calvalho. Also Skrtel of Liverpool in the EPL all did well in their time and they were hardly recognized at end of the day. But today he defensive role has been given prominence and now defenders can compete with midfielders and attackers for the best player award.

The last defender to win the best player award Fabio Carnavaro of itaily in the year 2006 after the World Cup which was played in Germany. The criteria for which he was given the award was on the fact that he conceded less goals leading the defense and he had no fouls in the position.

Now who are the current defenders in EPL? We have Harry Maguire, Matip, John Stones, David Luiz, Rudiger, Soyuccar, Victor Lindalof. Calling all these defenders and then mentioning Vilgil Van Dijk it seems way wrong because his statistics beats them all.

So now is Van Dijk actually over rated or is he doing above other defenders and so he deserves the rating he is getting? Well, for me he is not over rated after all, he is doing way above his equals and so his rating is fitting. You can share your own view if he over rated or if his rating are right. You can share defenders who you think are doing well as he his.

 should be right to say he is over rated before a conclusion is drawn some facts needs to started down first Reigning defender of the world Vigil Van Dijk is over rated

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