Valentines’ Day: Nigerians and Love Stories

Have you ever read lines such as ‘I pick my pen from the basket of love to write you this letter’? Hmm! That’s Nigerians doing their best to draft their best love story for that miss charming of their lives.

We’ve heard fairytales from her parents on how their love life used to be. When you have to bring your Shakespeare-esque game to win the heart of the woman you desire; when there is no access to the internet but deliver your message one-on-one rather than disguising with text online to show your dexterity and so on.

Cupid love stories were told in our movies and music that made us love to love and to some extent, Nigerians were really romantic-not love aided by money alone but real affection for each other which comes from the heart.

Partners In Love
Partners in love

Things have really changed these days in the Nigerian society. True love diminishes as we become more ‘woke’ (cultured/civilized).

The only memory of true love among people of this generation can only be seen on ‘Telemundo’, lyrics of Nigerian music artistes as well as fictional stories-lust and lies are now the double ‘L’ that has given ‘Love’ an uppercut.

The internet has made it easier for both male and female to connect dots with multiple partners. Nollywood has also contributed to this as it has made some stony-hearted and see love as scam which has made the love stories steadily going solo.

Money is essential to make love grow but the Nigerian theme of love is ‘if you don’t have money, hide your face’. This can be seen in the number of marriages that has fell apart as a result of infidelity as well as the high rate of ‘Olosho’ in the society. No wonder paternity fraud is on the rise in our society.

Nigerians Love or Lust?

The Nigerian love story has totally changed its characters as you’re tagged ‘mumu’ (fool) by the society if you are in the lovers’ circle. There is no longer preacher of love but of war in the words of a popular prophet.

Lies and deceit is now the theme among young folks in relationships. This could be seen in the recent social media cliché; ‘Lori-Iro’ a Yoruba word which connotes ‘lies’ in the Nigerian love stories. The internet sensation stated ‘’you’re my honey, chocolate, onions and so on’’ – this is a sample of deceit by the young folks.

Theme Of Nigerian Love
Theme of Nigerian love

Well, there are still few true love stories among Nigerians. It is,however, a small percentage when compared to the number of stories of love which has made many to see marriage as a scam in the society.

Valentines’ day for this year (2021) is around the corner. The question you need to ask your lover/partner is if you are not the plan B option for his/her relationship.

An honest reply would surely help to save you from stories that touches the heart as soon as possible.

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No matter the situation, you still have to share love as it is the four pillars holding us together as a race.

Happy Valentines’ day, dear readers.

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